A Day in Vermont
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Today's Painting

Wilmington Vermont

There are so many reasons to paint.

A deadline is a strong motivator.

Experimenting with a new color is fun.

I’ve heard tell that painting is a good cure for boredom.

Maybe the best paintings come from a more personal place.

A place where the artist simply has no choice but to try and share something beautiful.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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7 Responses to “Wilmington Vermont”

  1. Lauren Johnston

    Your email brings such pleasure. l have been away from VT for many years, but I will always be a Vermonter at heart. Thank you for sharing your talent and view of the many beautiful places in my home state.

    Kind regards,
    Lauren Johnston

  2. Steven Heim

    Good one! I always appreciate the range of color you can pull out of a “grey day”

  3. vivian seidler

    Love it, thank you! Wilmington is a quaint little town which is just over the mountain from Bennington where I live. The curves and the uphills and downhills are breathtaking at times but such a beautiful trip! The town itself is adorable with many places to visit and some excellent places to eat. A wonderful little Vermont town!

  4. Deanie

    Peter, I love your paintings. Sometimes, though, I love what you say in your comments. The thoughts are special…

  5. cynthia adams

    Brightens this Monday! Always glad to see old mills and other bldgs still utilized.Slanted window in old home is an icon. Enjoy your personal description for reasons to paint. NO SNOW?? Wish I could see the ground @ home. Glad the town is doing well…I recall Irene did a lot of damage. Cynthia

  6. Brian Blaine

    The best paintings do come, no doubt, from “a more personal place”. Colors, values, compositions come in virtually infinite variety and combination, but I personally feel that it is mainly from the artist’s deepest self that the art work can evolve beyond a simple picture and mature to become a message of greater truths , speaking to the heart and soul.


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