Private Commissions

Important Note: As of August 16, 2017 I am now “full” for 2017. I’m now scheduling private commission projects for 2018. Thank you for your support! 

I am able to accept a limited number of private commissions each year.

The following should answer some initial questions you may have.

How does the process work?

A great place to start is a phone conversation. We will discuss details about what you are looking for and what I can deliver. You can decide at that point if you would like to move forward. We will work together to decide on the best season, angle, view, details to include, etc. This is where the creative collaboration occurs. If the subject is local we can visit it together. If not, I may be able to work from your photos. My home/studio phone is 802-235-2328.

How long does it take?

I can be very flexible depending on my current schedule. We will determine an agreeable delivery date together. 2 months is appreciated. Please plan ahead for the holidays as I’m usually booked for Christmas delivery by September.

Will it look like a photo?

No. If you are reading this you are likely familiar with my work. As an artist my goal is to translate what I see and feel into juicy rich paint, color, shape, energy, and emotion. My work is colorful, impressionistic, expressionistic, and perhaps even semi-abstract. I’m definitely not an “every blade of grass” photo realist. I take lots of liberties & artistic license aiming for a great painting. Ed Whitney said it best: “You get facts from nature, but you get art from artists!”

Can I get prints and cards too?

Yes. Once your original painting is done you may order Prints and Greeting Cards via my standard size/price options. See example HERE.

How much does it cost?

The following are my private commission size options and prices for 2018.


12X16 – $1000  (18X21 Framed)

14X18 – $1100  (22X26 Framed)

18X24 – $1200  (26X32 Framed)

21X27 – $1400  (28X34 Framed)


12X16 – $1200 (18X22 Framed)

20X24 – $1800 (26X30 Framed)

24X30 – $2800 (30X36 Framed)

30X40 – $3800 (36X46 Framed)

Prices above include my standard professional frame.

*Add 6% tax on all sales made in VT