A Day in Vermont
January 14, 2019


Winter Cardinal

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My neighbor’s kitchen table is a nice place to watch the world go by.

We were enjoying the abundant bird feeder activity last week after a snowfall.

Guess who made his grand appearance?

This handsome fella would be hard to miss, and I think that’s the way he likes it.

Thank you Chris and Nancy, for another great subject!

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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40 Responses to “Winter Cardinal”

  1. Vivian Seidler

    A beautiful picture AND wonderful neighbors! You lucked out, Peter! Thank you!

  2. Karen Moorman

    I have been watching from our feeders also. The Cardinal is the most beautiful in the winter, although we enjoy them all year

  3. Lenor Filler

    love this .. I am watching a pair of cardinals at and under my feeder here in Va. and just filled it up .. and put seeds on the ground,, have all kinds of birds today including a woodpecker.. we had an ice storm

  4. JoAnn Houghton

    Every time I see a cardinal I think of my Mom. We designed our house so there were windows facing out towards our deck and bird feeders so she could sit at the dining table and watch the birds come and go.

  5. Michele Douglas

    He’s gorgeous….makes these cold Vermont Winter temps all worthwhile.

  6. Theresa Carruth

    Beautiful,when i see a cardinal i know my Mom is visiting from heaven. They were her favorite bird .

  7. Bonnie Blanchard

    Beautiful. Whenever I see a Cardinal I feel my husband watching over me. Very special❤️

  8. Irene Berzak

    This is my favorite painting of yours, Well the chickadees from several years ago are a close second

  9. Cecile R Uhry

    I had to look twice . I was sure this was watercolor, yet it’s oil. Hmm, well I guess I don’t know a thing about any of it. Lovely cardinal

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Cecile, the medium choice of any painting including mine, is in my opinion of secondary importance anyway. If an artist has something meaningful to say, (most important) they will find a way to say it. (less important)

  10. Barbara Lyman

    Warms my heart. When cardinals appear, angels are near. My husband died this summer.

  11. Mary Cota

    Love all birds, but cardinals are my favorite! Guiding angels from above! Thanks for your beautiful work!

  12. Kathy Shortsleeves

    Cardinals are such a very pretty bird. Usually they are around in pairs. A male is usually around when a female is feeding. When cardinals are near and loved one is here.

  13. Sandy

    Cardinals are one of my favorite birds and red against a white birch background~perfect. Thank you for sharing your wonderful artistic interpretations for all to enjoy.

  14. Judith Young

    This beautiful red cardinal brings hope to an otherwise bleak winter, here in Michigan. Without snow, the birds bring love of life…………..Thank you for sharing Peter…………..Judy Davisson Young

  15. Jennifer Quesnel

    This has to be one of my all-time favorites! Beautifully done, Peter. What a great Valentine’s gift this would make for someone.

  16. Marj kyhill

    Jerry passed away Feb 2, 2019 and prior to that he said a cardinal will be his sign for us.


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