A Day in Vermont
January 28, 2019


Winter Railroad

I was wandering slowly along the Winooski River Road near Waterbury when… Instant Internal Artist Dialog: “Oooh, look at that warm-rusty-red man-made structure of stability contrasting against (but in beautiful harmony with) the cool colors and gentle organic chaos of nature. That would be a good painting.”

Occasionally I think about a subject, then go find it. Sometimes I find a subject, then go think about it. My favorites are when I don’t think too much about it at all.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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And the Winners Are…

As you may know, each month I draw two random Day in Vermont subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

Congratulations to our first winners for 2019.

Our first winner is R. Lee Evans of New Providence, New Jersey. Lee chose last weeks A Day in Vermont feature, “Dog Days of Winter“, and had this to say…

“My wife and I have spent 35 wonderful summers in Vermont on beautiful Lake St. Catherine in Wells.  Along with some dear neighbors, we watched our kids grow up catching frogs, learning to fish, getting up on water skis, hiking the hills, sitting around campfires, and just becoming a part of the beauty of Vermont. Not long ago I discovered Peter Huntoon’s artwork and have been a fan of A Day in Vermont. I love looking at his pictures, and often respond with an appreciative comment. I am thrilled to be winner of a genuine Peter Huntoon print.”

Our second winner is Cathryn McDevitt of Kalispell, Montana. Cathryn chose “Black Cap Caucus” and had this to say…

“I am so delighted! I love the state of Vermont on so many levels. I have admired your work because you have truly captured the feeling of Vermont that I appreciated so much. I had a chance to visit often over a period of ten years. I picked the print called Black Cap Caucus. I do love chickadees.”

16 Responses to “Winter Railroad”

  1. Debbie

    That reminds me of a place we found in Connecticut on the Salmon river. We were driving down a back road to follow the river and stumbled onto an old mill along the banks.


  2. Lori Hoyt

    I’m a native Vermonter who loves and values each and every one of your paintings. They all poignantly depict our beautiful state and all it stands for. I would love to have one of your paintings. My brother make maple syrup in a backyard operation on his property and a painting involving sap season and late winter/early spring would be perfect for me! Keep on with your wonderful work and thank you!

  3. Beth Ruberg

    I love the way you verbalized as well as the way you painted this scene. It makes me want to research the area and find photos of it years ago to compare and contrast. Love your
    work! Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  4. brian blaine

    My favorite paintings are those that make me pause a moment and lose myself in thought. This painting is one of those. I ponder the sense of cold and stillness in the air. I savor the beauty of shadows on the snow and the myriad delicate hues of winter ice crystals. I reflect on the passing railway tracks and the countless miles of travel that they represent. I ponder my own life and the varied paths it has traveled. Thank you for the many pleasant journeys on which your art continues to lead me.

  5. tom pemrick

    i was a winner last year or so and picked the Center Rutland Depot picture. while going thru stuff down here in Florida i realized i must have bought the same print at sugar and spice while up for a visit , anyways there is a guy in Pennsylvania who models the Rutland Railroad and downtown so i sent it to him as a gift , I know he appreciated it . Keep up the good work Peter , i enjoy your watercolors.

  6. Sandra Welch

    Instantly thought of the Robert Frost poem! So silent
    and serene. So many beautiful vistas.

  7. Karen Moorman

    Another beauty Peter. I love railroad bridges and trains. This one in winter is special. Thank you again for making my Monday special

  8. Doris Michel

    Hi Peter, I think about the options I have: visiting Vermont in wintertime some day or waiting for your paintings nearly every Monday. Today it’s enough to look at your paintings.


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