A Day in Vermont
April 15, 2019


April Skies

The April sky hovers low over a farm along Rt 30 in Cornwall, just south of Middlebury.

There’s a rich beauty to the Vermont landscape in April, just before everything turns green.

Raw and honest. Earnest and unpretentious.

Mother Earth momentarily stripped bare to the bone, before donning her new seasonal attire.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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52 Responses to “April Skies”

  1. Lenor Filler

    wow you captured those stormy skies .. we are having a lot of those days this spring

  2. Tony Marro

    Hello Peter: I’m pretty sure that’s the house that my mother grew up in. It was owned by the Cartmell family of Midebury and my great-grandfather, Andrew Palsa, farmed it for him. I haven’t been by there in a long time, but that’s the way I remember it from the road.

  3. Maureen Rees

    Not far from our one time home on Ridge Road, Cornwall. A look very much like today’s. Another fantastic look at Vermont in all her seasons. Thank you!!

  4. Mary L McCulley

    Though I live in NY, this picture was /is typical of my area and I think the barn and farmhouse have been transported from either NY to Vt or Vt to NY (via Dorothy and Oz maybe) I happen to love these types of pictures which represent my youth and some bits of rural America which still exist even if only in your wonderful paintings and our hearts and minds.. Thank you Peter again for another glimpse of what I remember about growing up close to country life…

  5. John S Ziske

    Such a beautiful capture of the April weather done with true feeling.

  6. Vivian M SeidlerIt is so beautifu

    Those of us who are native Vermonters recognize this time of the year and love it also! You do such a wonderful job of bringing the beauty to us! Thank you once again Peter!

  7. Dannielle Genovese

    I think I love your description as much, if not more than the painting. I love how you see the beauty in the landscape “stripped to the bone.”

  8. Sue Pittrich

    Is this available in a smaller print that I could afford to buy?

  9. brian blaine

    Beneath dark and ominous skies, a rugged and beaten landscape lies. Old hay, shattered weeds, barren trees, echo tales of ancient barns and early homes. But, like standing in awe at the rising of sun on Easter morning, we know that April’s days will soon be replaced by those of May, and what was once only hoped for in confidence will come to dazzle us in its grace and glory.

  10. Gretchen Dietz

    I love everything about this painting – the barn, the color of the house, the stormy sky – everything. Just beautiful!

  11. Constancia Bonak

    This time of year brings a quickening to my heart – Love this, Peter and patiently waiting for some buds – have the feeling that EVERYTHING will pop at the same time !!

  12. Judith

    Lovely indeed….a special place I would love to visit again!!!…You captured the “stormy clouds” so true to nature this time of year…Fantastic work Peter!~!~!~! Thank you for sharing your Artistic talents!!!!!

  13. Doris Michel

    Brian, you’re a real poet in description of Peter’s paintings. i’ll write my impressions too.
    So we notice: the snow couldn’t resist the force of the sun and now the soil remains innocent in its old shabby clothes of rotten leaves and grass. But the earth begins to breathe and new clothes of fresh green will grow soon. “April, April macht, was er will”, we say in Germany. So it is. We regard a dramatic sky with its delicate blue grey clouds and soft violet colors of the barns and trees in contrast to the ocker and olive. The icy light blue of the house and the spots in the meadow are the peaks in the composition. So they attract our attention to the fine modulation of colors in this painting and the unify it.

  14. brian blaine

    Not unlike a luxurious banquet, we savor the flavor of a fine painting with all of our senses, don’t we Doris!?

    • Doris Michel

      So it is, Brian. So far away so near in emotions. And now I wish all of us happy, peaceful easter. Let’s hope the best for the “resurrection” of one of the most famous monuments in history the cathedral “Notre Dame de Paris” burned down monday evening. Perhaps this desaster shows the world what we lose if we don’t keep peace. It’s a sign for us in europe, a menetekel for being prudent and carefully.
      Happy easter, Brian.

  15. Alta Johnston

    Peter, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

  16. Sue Roberts

    Peter……this sums up April pretty much so far…….but in such a lovely way. Thanks! My favorite part of spring is when that first delicate green appears. We only see that color for such a short time. Hoping you can capture that in a painting. Love your work!

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Sue, I’ll have an eye out for a good “new green” subject!

  17. Anita Soule

    One of my favorites, love your use of color, or maybe your lack of color. Not an artist so not sure how to describe what I see. Beautiful, serene in spite of the storm clouds.

  18. Judith Davisson Young

    Enjoying your weekly paintings is like getting a breeze of fresh New England air. What I can recall as a child, growing up in Vergennes, comes back to me. In this reckless world today, I say, remembering back is wonderful. Thanks for the memories………………

  19. Janice McFarlane Wood

    I truely enjoy your paintings, Peter Huntoon. Your descriptions are as interesting as the paintings. I am especially enjoying the comments for this painting. I am a fifth year student Watercolour artist trying to learn techniques to reach the goals of resembling your paintings. NOT so easy in watercolour.


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