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May 6, 2019


Lake Champlain Bridge

The Lake Champlain Bridge is known by several names… “Champlain Bridge”, “Crown Point Bridge”, and depending on which way you’re heading, “Bridge to New York” or Bridge to Vermont.”

An important principle in art is contrast. Light/Dark and Warm/Cool, for example. Here, we have the compelling contrast of the new bridge set atop the lasting remnants of the American Revolution.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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And the Winners Are..

Each month I draw two random A Day in Vermont email subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

It’s one small way I can say thank you for your continuing support.

Our first winner for April was Craig Snyder of Sparta, NJ. Craig chose “Poultney Vermont” and had this to say…

“My wife Karen and I would love to own the “Poultney Vermont” print, the main street of Poultney. My family has spent decades of summers visiting and camping throughout the state. When we get to Poultney, we feel like we are in a Norman Rockwell scene. We have loved walking up and down this street every summer for the last 50 years. It always feels like coming home. Thank you for creating the wonderful emotions that you do with your art and your eye!!”

Our second winner was Patricia Kuntz of Ludlow, VT. Patricia chose “Fall Farmscape” and had this to say…

“Hi Peter, I am so excited to have won a picture. I have a few of your prints and love seeing them online. I live in Ludlow and take a lot of courses at Fletcher Farm. My husband and I retired here in 2001 on South Hill in Ludlow. For the last 2 winters we have left Ludlow late October and driven to Reno NV to spend the winter as our son and daughter-in-law and two grandchildren moved to Truckee CA. It is interesting that I take a watercolor art class with an artist called Eva Nichols who lives in Truckee CA and one of my fellow students mentions that she is on your list and would love to win sometime. So far away and you are still popular. We love coming home to Vermont and its wonderful green landscapes after 6 months of “brown” Reno and snowy Truckee. We are both 76 and lived in Westchester country raising our 3 children and owned a ski house in Ludlow.”


24 Responses to “Lake Champlain Bridge”

  1. Dannielle Genovese

    Love all the different blues in this picture. I am fascinated by the many details that you notice the more you view the painting. As always, a wonderful piece.

  2. Craig Knapp

    Hi Peter. Another great painiing. You hit many happy memories; Tina and I spent many warm Sundays anchored at the Champlain Bridge (old and new) enjoying lunch, swimming and chatting with friends. It is also the “gateway” when traveling north on the lake to the “Big Water.”

    We also really enjoyed your recent painting of the Shrewsbury Bridge. We live very near there and have many memories of swimming in the river by the bridge with our kids when they were younger. Thanks for all of your wonderful work.

    Warm Regards,

    Craig and Tina Knapp

  3. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    Love the blues you are using today in the bridge picture. I’ve never seen this bridge with my own two eyes but love seeing in through yours. Thank you.

  4. Joan Ward

    Beautiful! That bridge gets me to several places in New York State during the year!

  5. Laurie Carwile

    This is the bridge that brings me home every summer!

  6. cynthia adams

    Details are beautifully captured….stone wall, curved pathway and ALL the lighting! I really like the “frame” made by the trees. Blues and greens are warm and comforting. Thank you….

  7. Shelley Martel

    I love going over this bridge, especially on a clear summer’s eve just as daylight is waning and the bridge lights are on, and the flag is ever-so-gently blowing in the breeze. Your colors are fabulous. You have captured the true essence of this bridge.

  8. Lenor Filler

    Oh My this is stunning.. different than usual ,, because its OIL .. ?

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Lenor! Most of my work is oil these days, so that’s probably not it. As every subject is different, I approach each new painting with an open mind and follow wherever it leads. So, anything is possible!

  9. Karen Noble

    One of my absolute favorites places to be and I am sharing my passion with my grandchildren. It started on a very frosty cold day winter night when I drove over it on the way to Plattsburgh NY. The sky was dark, the lake was frozen, and I felt as though I was driving up to the stars in the heavens. One of my brothers helped to build the new bridge , and I also lost another brother earlier this year and he often fished there. Magical.


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