A Day in Vermont
June 24, 2019



One of the side benefits of being an artist is that you learn about what you choose to paint.

Here, I learned what this beautiful, bountiful flowering shrub is.

And how to spell it.

It seems things are blooming a little later than usual, but now they’re making up for lost time.

A big thanks to our wonderful neighbors Nancy and Chris for providing another great subject.

Since I’ve been making good progress on my list of projects, I’m now returning to our usual weekly painting schedule.

See you next Monday with a new painting, along with our two free print winners for June!

Warmest regards,


Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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18 Responses to “Rhododendrons”

  1. Lenor Filler

    very pretty .. but never got any daffodils this spring form you

  2. Cecelia Richardson

    Beautiful picture-the flowers in Vermont are late but they seemed to be more vibrant than most years.

  3. Karen Moorman

    They are lovely flowers. The painting is gorgeous. Everything here in Minneapolis is late this year too. Always something to look forward too

  4. Joan connor

    Beautiful! The leaves say it’s cold And they need water.

  5. Dannielle Genovese

    I love how you painted these beautiful flowers. Zooming in on them brings them to life.

  6. brian blaine

    If you capture shapes, lights, and shadows accurately, you can be as abstract as you want and still capture the heart and soul of the subject. What a great rendition!

  7. Victoria Schneider

    Simply LOVELY, Peter….and a “mere suggestion of dragonfly” speaks through the leaves. Your eye captures food for the imagination. Yes….it’s MAGICAL!

  8. Leslie Carbine

    This painting has a style and character all its own. It’s lovely!

  9. Mary Lee Niethold

    Beautiful picture of flowers we don’t see in the desert

  10. Deanie

    I love rhododendrons too. Ours bloomed a little late on Long Island, too.

  11. Linda

    I love this: the colors, shapes, background and foreground and, of course, the subject! I don’t know if rhododendrons grow here but everything else is slow coming in due to a long and coolish May and early June. A week of warm, sunny weather can make a huge difference! Thanks for such a lovely painting!

  12. Lenor Filler

    I realized I have to back away from this one to really enjoy it !!

  13. Rebecca Rimson

    Aaah, rhodies have such diversity and beauty. They’re very popular here on the northern California coast of Humboldt County and it was a no-brainer what to plant, especially since they thrive in our climate. Some are tree height! For a scrumptious fragrance, buy r. cowbell. It’s past its bloom now but worth every sniff. (As an aside, I love Vermont!)

  14. Doris Michel

    What a feeling, summer is coming with force. The rhododendrons are spectacular.

  15. Constancia Bonak

    It has been an unusual and beautiful flower/blossom Spring-Early Summer. Thank you for adding your canvas of color !!

  16. Joanne 34975 Magnan

    Hello, Peter.
    I have a 25+year-old rhododendron outside my kitchen window in exactly this color. Have you been in my yard? Ha ha. Actually I am in New Hampshire. I enjoy your work. Thank you for sharing. Jo


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