A Day in Vermont
July 29, 2019


Whitehall New York

Just over the border, Whitehall graciously shares the southernmost shores of Lake Champlain with Vermont. The entire area is rich in character, authenticity, and history.

My first attempt at this painting was thwarted back in May, when a strong gust of wind shot down the canal. It sent my entire easel set-up smashing to the  ground. Mercifully, there were no witnesses.

I returned last week for sweet redemption.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Watermedia on linen panel

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And The Winners Are…

Each month I draw two random “A Day in Vermont” email subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

It’s one way I can show my appreciation for your continued support.

Our first winner for July is Billie-Jo Genovesi, of Rutland, VT. Billie-Jo chose “Autumn Farm“, and had this to say…
“Vermont is where I finally found a home, there is no where I would rather be. In the many different states I have lived there is always a sense of being whole when coming back to Vermont. I am proud to call Vermont my home and love raising my family here. I love the hockey shots as well, my son plays, thank you for the wonderful art.”
Our second winner is Dallas Skinner, of Woodstown, NJ. Dallas chose “Harbor View”, and had this to say…
“We have been coming to the lake since 1979.  This tiny store was a favorite for penny candy when our children were small and continues to be a favorite over the years, especially recently with their wonderful maple creamies.  Since we travel by each time we leave our lake home, Harbor View continually is calling to us. Each time we open our email and see one of your posts, our spirits are lifted with your lovely scenes.  Vermont represents a place of solitude and rejuvenation for us.  You bring these lovely spots and nature to us. Thank you”  

22 Responses to “Whitehall New York”

  1. Tammy Bennett

    We live in Whitehall, and this is an absolutely beautiful painting.

  2. Ginger Martin

    This painting ~~(as all of your paintings are) absolutely stunning! We have friends that live at Lake Schroon and this reminds me of the village near there. Thank you for posting your paintings ~they are gorgeous and peaceful and perfect!

  3. cynthia adams

    Wonderful detail! My eyes focused on the “mansion on the hill”….. chuckled re your first attempt just imagining it ! Thank you for Mondays! Cynthia

  4. Beth Rossi

    Edwin Norse says it best, I second annexing it! All those in favor…?

  5. Michelle Blair

    Love this picture Peter! You’ve captured a great essence of Whitehall!

  6. Sarah waite

    Having lived not too far from Whitehall during my Jr. high.high school years and my father taught at Whitehall HS. This rendition is lovely.

  7. Conni Bonak

    Love the mansion, Peter, but especially love all the flags !! Lively colors !!

  8. Brian Blaine

    What an interesting and powerful painting I especially like your inclusion of the row of flags along the bottom left. Their shapes echo the steep, triangular rooflines of the grand hillside mansion on the upper right, creating a nice balance. Beyond that, they also serve well to honor a great nation and its generations of hardworking people.


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