A Day in Vermont
August 26, 2019


St. Catherine Mist

One of the things I love as our mornings and evenings get cooler is the mist.

It’s fascinating to watch as it slowly seeps into and across the landscape.

It’s also a joy to paint, imparting a soft diffused, unifying light.

Lost and found edges abound.

Here, Lake St. Catherine softly says good night.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Watermedia on linen panel

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And the Winners Are…

Each month I draw two random A Day in Vermont Subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

It’s a fun way to say thanks for your amazing support.

Our first winner for August is Shelley Hachenski of Greenfield Center, NY. Shelley chose “Spring Snow Shadows” and had this to say…

“The actual phrase of “A Day in Vermont” evokes such a strong sense of contentment. Residing only an hour from Vermont’s border, we try to take advantage of every opportunity to experience our own collection of “days in Vermont”. It has never failed to strike me that the physical act of just driving into Vermont translates into such serenity and well being. The anticipation is always rewarded…the scenery, the people, the authenticity. And your art, Peter so truly embodies that. Thank you!”

Our second winner is Beth Shepherd of Greenwell  Springs, LA. Beth chose “August Meadow” and had this to say…

“Actually I have only been to Vermont once, but it is so beautiful. Love the old barns and fields of cows and flowers. I was drawn to your subjects and painting style. Love your work and it was very hard to pick just one! Thank you.”

38 Responses to “St. Catherine Mist”

  1. Cecelia Richardson

    I love this picture-makes you actually feel a calmness inside you when looking at it.

  2. Jean Koch

    This one is so serene. Like Silent Night, the hymn, it brings to mind calm and relaxation, as well as a sense of belonging to something bigger. I very much enjoy your work, Peter. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Allison McMillan-Lee

    Love this! Such beauty in blues! I can “feel” the mist on the lake! Bravo!

  4. Jeanne Douglas

    Quiet. Peaceful. This day is done. But maybe there’s still a party going on behind one of those lights. Many thanks Peter. And I can’t wait to see what you do with the autumn color.

  5. Melodie

    Congratulations to Shelley and Beth!

    I have never been to Vermont, but look forward to visiting through your magnificent paintings, every Monday!

  6. Billie Kennedy

    I love this scene; peace, serenity, contentment all embodied! Thank you for another glimpse of Vermont.

  7. Marybeth

    Just lovely. And as a proud resident of Lake St Catherine I always enjoy any paintings you create that showcases “my” lake!!

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Robert! My wife and I just returned from Philly where we saw several Van Goghs. Maybe I was influenced. 🙂

  8. Lindsay Turlan

    Having grown up on the lakes, this moves me. I adored this when I saw it on Instagram.Bravo!

  9. Holly Nelson Lütz

    Day is done. Gone the Sun. from the hills, from the lake, from the skies. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh. Words I learned growing up, living now, watching this very view. Beautiful. Thank you.

  10. Brian Blaine

    This painting brings to mind the poem “Fog” by Carl Sandburg. “The fog comes on quiet cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches, and then moves on.”

  11. Mary Beth

    Just beautiful! Can’t believe some one hasn’t bought this out right just yet.
    So peaceful – so Vermont – so Lake Saint Catherine – stunning work Peter!


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