A Day in Vermont
September 23, 2019


Little Flower Farm

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now. Next auction Monday, Oct 7.

The Little Flower Farm is just a few miles down the road from my studio in Middletown Springs.

I’ve thought about painting here every time I drive by. This time, I didn’t drive by.

Please Note: I’ll be taking next Monday “off” to take an artistic deep dive into Vermont Autumn.

A Day in Vermont will return on Monday, October 7.

Happy Fall Everyone!

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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19 Responses to “Little Flower Farm”

  1. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    Little Flower Farm…what charm and color, what’s not to fall in love with here. This painting is an eye magnet Peter that certainly doesn’t need a stop sign. Thank you for a happy Monday spirit lifter.

  2. Ann DeBonis

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy the pictures you post but this one is extra special because sunflowers are one of my favorites. Mine are in full bloom now.

  3. cynthia adams

    Beautiful country scene…..skillful art! Have a nice Autumn “dive”! Foliage is quite nice but not full yet; depends on where we drive. I was near WRJct. , Vt Saturday and there was more color there.

  4. ann vanneman

    Peter, I LOVE this! Love the blue of the house, the sunflowers, the whole view. Delish!

  5. Donna Stievater

    I absolutely love the painting “Little Flower Farm” . . . the sturdy and simple little blue house virtually encircled by a a riot of magnificent color, the brave flowers standing like sentinels around their castle!
    It so reminds me of my daughter’s little farm in Brookfield (VT).


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