A Day in Vermont
November 4, 2019


Crystal Lake Morning

Back in October I stayed in a little cottage on Crystal Lake in Barton for a few days. This view was out my door and a few steps down to the water.

When it comes to choosing a place to paint, there are a number of considerations.

First, the subject “knocks my socks off”. When that happens I get a little animated, like a kid who hears the ice cream truck coming.

A second more practical component is physical proximity. You have to be there.

This scene had both, so I painted it twice. You can see the horizontal format version below.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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21 Responses to “Crystal Lake Morning”

  1. Ralph and Ann Zaionz

    Lovely picture that is special to us. We owned a camp on the same property , named Cup-O-Tea, just up above where you stayed. We owned it for about 10 years and had to give it up. You did a great job in capturing the beauty from the south end of the lake. We still live on Long Island, NY and need to come back for a visit.

  2. Susan Roberts

    Peter, love this…like the angles, the lake is so mirror like, beautiful colors, love the birches, et

  3. Beth Rossi

    Someone once said “Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.” I so enjoy the world through your eyes.

  4. kao

    wow — both beautiful — each evokes such a different emotion —- love them!!!!

  5. Lenor Filler

    oh this is perfection ,, wish I had chosen this one for my free print

  6. Wendy Ketcham

    My happy place. Glad you met my sister! We are huge fans. This painting is stunning.

  7. Susan Kick

    Love the horizontal one with the white birches and amazing view of this lovely lake. The colors you captured are so perfect! Thank you.

  8. Elaine Vitalis

    Oh, Mr. Huntoon, I just love these two paintings. Especially, the 12 x 16. You really captured the beauty of Crystal Lake. On July 29, 1972, my husband and I got married. On our honeymoon trip we went to my home state of Vermont and went to Crystal Lake. What a beautiful lake and a beautiful painting.

  9. Brian Blaine

    The vertical rendition showcases the fiery glow of autumn colors, while the horizontal composition seems to emphasize more a sense of peace, owing, I believe, to a larger percentage of the canvas being dominated with blues and grays. Really a matter of personal choice. Both are beautiful.

  10. Cheryl Jubb

    this is a lake that I have spent some time enjoying years ago, this scene brings back many fond memories it is a beauty

  11. Doris Michel

    Hallo Peter, two versions of one theme. Good idea. So we can see different aspects of the lake. Brian says it in his words: The colors of autumn or the peace of the lake. Well done.

  12. MaryMcCulley

    When I was a youngster, I loved birch trees and wished I had one in my yard. I still live in my childhood home and still love birch trees as I do any tree! Thanks once again for creating memories for each of us in our own way! Cannot wait for your next rendering!


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