A Day in Vermont
December 9, 2019


Jackson Gore

With some of the steeper terrain on the mountain, Jackson Gore is the northern side of Okemo in Ludlow, Vermont.

I may not be able to ski, but I sure enjoy painting the slopes.

It’s a marginally safer pursuit.

My friend Bob Sydorowich and I painted this overlook a couple of summers ago and I vowed to return for a winter shot.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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16 Responses to “Jackson Gore”

  1. Maureen Rees

    This is stunning!! You capture the trails as if the rack of a full grown buck. Love it!

  2. Michelle LeBoeuf

    Wow, one of my favorites! The depth of field is amazing, what a view! Love the yellow of the architecture and the few yellow leaves left in the foreground. The yellow really pops against the December landscape.
    Gorgeous Vermont scene.

  3. Beth Rossi

    While everyone else in the ’70’s was standing in line at Killington we smart Vermonters had three times as many runs up and down Okemo for less $. Like you, I am no longer skiing but ,I sure do appreciate seeing the beauty of the slopes through your eyes. Very lovely indeed!

  4. Margaret Honeycutt

    Love it! Beautiful! Do not often comment, but always enjoy & appreciate your
    Monday email.

  5. Catie Salebra

    I’ve been patiently waiting for a painting of this location. I got married at Jackson Gore in 2017 and will certainly add this print to my collection when it becomes available

  6. Ilana Block

    Beautiful! I am wondering if you have ever painted the very popular and well-known swimming hole at the White River in Gaysville, VT? It is often called “Twin Bridges,” although the second bridge is no longer there. Thank you! Ilana Block

  7. Diane Dickerman

    As always you’ve captured the breathtaking views of Vermont, Peter! Although we don’t miss the cold and the snow, we do miss the beauty of the mountains. I think we’ll need a print of this for our home in SC.

  8. Sandra Welch

    Absolutely gorgeous! Peter you always make my Monday’s better!
    Beautiful Vermont!!!

  9. Melanie Edwards

    I love the colors in this painting. Makes me wish I was headed back home for a visit.

  10. Conni Bonak

    Wow !! Santa has more than one trail to traverse – oh, forgot – he flies….love this, Peter – outstanding !!

  11. Lisa Morin

    Ski season has arrived…and as always you’ve captured the wonder of it all!

  12. Doris Michel

    Dear Peter, they scratched the hills with long nails only for the pleasure of mankind. You remark I am no fan of ski trails. But my son loves skiing, my daughter in law also. Both would have fun in this gorgeous landscape. So, your painting is more beautiful than the photo. Even a scratched hill is a good theme for a painter like. Have a fine season, Peter. And don’t forget to relax.

  13. Brian Blaine

    I’m almost there. A few autumn leaves, ice crystals on trees, the whistle of wind, and wax on the skis! From steep slopes to warm memories you’ve again captured it all through the power of brush and canvas.


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