A Day in Vermont
January 13, 2020


Sudbury Sky

“Oooh… I love this intersection!”

You probably don’t say that very often.

Unless you live in Vermont, you’re an artist, or both.

The dramatic crossroad at Rt 30 and 73 never disappoints.

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Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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Bold Strokes

The start of the year is a good time to review the master plan.

Mine continues to come into clear focus…

Follow my heart. Paint Vermont. Share it with you.


Yet, I have unfinished business.

As you may know, I stopped taking on any new private commission projects as of March 2019.

A difficult but necessary decision in order to truly “follow my heart.”

Well, I still have 21 private paintings left to complete.

Optimistic and productive as I am, they are just not getting done “on the side”.

It’s time to clear the deck, roll up my sleeves, and give them the attention they deserve.

If I have to be sequestered in the studio, this is the time of year to do it.

So, “A Day in Vermont” will be on temporary hiatus for the next two months.

I will return by Monday, March 23.

If the Muse smiles approvingly on my dedicated and earnest efforts, you’ll see me back sooner.

Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding.

Warmest regards,


58 Responses to “Sudbury Sky”

  1. Karen Moorman

    Beautiful painting. I will look forward to your return on Mondays in March.

  2. Margaret

    Sudbury sky presents another beautiful chilly day in Vermont! Thank you!
    Your beautiful art and thoughtful reflections will be missed as you follow your heart in completing other work.(If you should decide to surprise us in February with a break in your commission work, we will be thrilled)
    Happy painting!

  3. Martha

    Such a good way to clear the path for more creative ventures. Sometimes unfinished works can be additional weight that’s just not needed on the journey. May this be an inspirational and productive time for you.

  4. Barbara Densmore

    Only you can make these grey days beautiful. Await your return…

  5. Betsy Lenora

    “Oooh… I love the sky!!!” Another beauty. As you may remember, I have a ‘thing’ for winter landscapes. Will ponder this one….

  6. Kathy Heywood

    You will be missed! Your email is always the high point of my Mondays.

  7. Cecelia

    This is another beautiful picture, can’t wait to see what March will bring to all of us. Good luck on finishing your commissions, I am sure they will be stunning.

  8. Craig Kansky

    Such a beautiful painting Charles. I drive that road often and I can see it in your painting see you soon Arriba enjoy your time

  9. Christine

    It is always fascinating to see your interpretations, compared with a photo taken on location. You breathe life into your work! Good luck with the commissions. That is a pretty awesome distraction. I am happy for you that you can take another step into “what your heart desires.” If not now, when? See you in March.

  10. Dodi

    Such beautiful work! I look forward to seeing more in the near future and appreciate your need to complete your commissions! I was born in Vermont and love the countryside!

  11. Liza myers

    Peter! Having lived just over the hill from this corner for nearly 30 years it is poignantly familiar. What a wonderful job you’ve done bringing the colors to life! Congratulations on your talent and success! Hugs to you from Santa Fe! Liza

  12. Christina

    Peter, It looks like you are viewing this scene right from the bottom of our driveway. We are the house at the top of the knoll, that cannot be seen from route 30. Lovely.

  13. Beth Ruberg

    Enjoy yourself and know we, your fans, will be here when you are ready!

  14. Doris Michel

    Hi Peter, well it’s necessary to finish the work. Surely it will be fine and all will be satisfied. Good luck!

  15. Jeanne Douglas

    As children headed to “Memere and Pepere’s” house in Whiting, we turned right up at the house on the corner. This was over 60 years ago and I remember this scene so clearly. Good one Peter. Happy painting and I look forward to seeing you back in March.

  16. Brian Blaine

    Monday mornings will be a bit empty for the time being, but isn’t it wonderful to be on the opposite end of the spectrum from “starving artist” God bless and we’ll see you in a couple months. I’m sure those who await those commissions will be delighted to soon have them in hand..

  17. Laura Gillen

    Take the time, enjoy your painting. We’ll wait patiently ’till you return. Always enjoy your work.

  18. Linda Going

    Dear Peter
    I so enjoy your newsletter. I understand, you need to finish unfinished business. Looking forward to your return. My best always,

  19. Olivia

    This is a painting of my family farm. Which we still own the house. We would love to get a couple of prints of this painting if you ever do those!

  20. cynthia adams

    Will look forward to Spring even more now , to see your latest creativity. Cynthia

  21. Chris Thrane

    Peter, we have passed through this intersection so very many times going back and fourth to Castleton.
    As usual you have caught it’s beauty on canvas. I will surely miss my Monday morning emails, however you need to take of yourself first and foremost. Be well !

  22. Anita Caldwell

    This is a perfect painting. Thank you for getting it so right.
    Wishing you a warm, healthy, and productive winter.

  23. Chuck LaPorte

    This brings back very fond memories. I worked on that farm in the ’60’s. It was owned by Leo Desforges and passed on to his sons. I gradutated from high school with the youngest of the family. Great people, great experience.

  24. Lenor Filler

    will miss Monday mornings ,, but winter pictures are not my favorite ,, so still looking for daffodils for my march Birthday


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