A Day in Vermont
February 24, 2020


Dorset Union Store

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next auction Monday, March 2. 

The Dorset Union Store beckons travelers through all seasons, even when the going gets tough. And the going can get tough.

I tried painting this scene twice before and failed miserably. Third time’s the charm.

Most folks assume talent is the most important attribute for an artist.

In my experience, it’s determination.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Watermedia on panel

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Close to Home

A big Vermont thank you to the Vermont Country Store, Yankee Magazine, and Jenn Johnson for the wonderful article about my work in the Spring issue of their collaborative “Our Vermont”!

You can read Our Vermont and the Close to Home feature article, pg 26 – 30, HERE

25 Responses to “Dorset Union Store”

  1. Lenor Filler

    so glad you are getting the recognition for your work.. it is much deserved . just love it all . thanks for a Monday morning uplift in the world of gloom and doom.

  2. cynthia adams

    So glad for your recognition in the most appropriate magazine! Your prior tries at the current scene must have had a reason…. and this surely shows the winter scene @ it’s best. “You did good!”

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Cynthia! I like to think of the failures as very necessary lessons.

  3. Kathy Heywood

    Congrats on the recognition – something your followers always knew
    Fabulous rendering of the store. Love your Monday emails!

  4. Dannielle Genovese

    Your well deserved recognition is becoming more and more obvious to folks far and near. I love this painting, but then, I love them all. Karen and I still talk about the magical day we spent with you. What a gift and inspiration. The only thing better than your work, is your kind heart. Enjoy Mud season as it is coming soon!

  5. Mary Helen Hawthorne

    Great article…love how you work celebrates VT in so many ways

  6. Elizabeth Giordani

    You capture each season in Vermont with such joy and beauty! Your Monday emails are like a little gift to me and reminders of memorable days I have spent in Vermont. Thank you!

  7. Cindy

    Congratulations!! I love your work! I’m surprised you weren’t featured before now!

  8. Randy Priest

    I love this painting because you can feel the warmth from inside the store with the colors and light. I absolutely love your “A Day In Vermont”!

  9. Judith Thomas/Shrewsbury VT

    Peter – went to Dr Matt Conway’s office in Rutland today & saw one of your prints. My husband thought it was Dowager Hill as viewed from the newish (not really new anymore) Rt 4 east out of Rutland going towards Castleton. I would like to get him a copy if possible. I searched “Dowager Hill” & nothing came up – perhaps you’ve named it something else. Please let me know either way …thanx so much Judith

    • Peter Huntoon

      Hello Judith, I’m afraid I don’t know what print hangs at Dr. Conway’s. If you can send me a pic (peter@peterhuntoon.com) I can see. I’ll try to go by his office next chance I get, too. Tx!

  10. Marion

    The Dorset Union Store used to be “Peltier’s” back in the 60s and 70s, my go-to place when my grandmother needed to pick up a few groceries. I was only there during the summer, which was always very welcoming. Your painting has beautifully captured that feeling.


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