A Day in Vermont
March 16, 2020


Spring Barn

When it comes to March it’s always hard to know if “this” will be the last snow painting for a while.

One of the many reasons to love Vermont.

Today I wish you health and happiness. May you find great peace, gratitude, joy, strength, hope, beauty, meaning and love in the days ahead.

I’ll be finding those things in art.

And sharing them with you.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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44 Responses to “Spring Barn”

  1. Lenor Filler

    love this .. the red roof contrasts so well with the sky and the snow.. .. Ive been getting photos of old barns. on facebbok. but this is better .. well done

  2. Nancy Church

    Peter, you are such an awesome artist ! Many thanks for sharing. I sure do miss Vermont.

  3. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    “I compare myself to a good barn. You can have a good barn, and if you paint it, it looks a little better. But if you take the paint off, it’s still a good barn.” Dolly Parton

  4. Karen Moorman

    Thank you for brightening my day I all this turmoil, I always look forward to Monday

  5. Cecelia

    Thanks for this beautiful picture of a barn, it brings back many happy childhood memories. I thank you for sharing your art especially during this stressful time in our country.

  6. Michael Takac

    Where is it Peter, if you dont mind? & stay healthy Everyone!

    • Peter Huntoon

      This barn is in Ludlow Mike, on Commonwealth Ave, about a half mile up the hill from the center of town. All the best to Fla. from VT!

  7. Sheila McCormack

    Peter, thank you for offering your artistic labor of love to us all each Monday morning. Today’s beautiful painting and your thoughtful words are a balm for this troubling time. Wishing all the same for you.

  8. Cris Carabeau

    Another beauty. And, as a farmer, I so appreciate your putting the door back on its track!

  9. Margaret

    Always a day brightener! Talent, shared beauty, and thoughtful words.
    Thank you! Enjoy today!

  10. Brian Blaine

    Brings back memories of early spring on the farm. Soon a robin will appear where snow melt reveals warming earth and old grass, while barn swallows investigate old and new nest sites inside the barn. Fond remembrances stimulated by a beautiful painting. Thank you.

  11. Deanie

    Thank you for your wishes for health; yes, I find you art very reassuring and restful.

  12. Sandra Welch

    BEAUTIFUL PETER! Very fresh and “Springy”
    Thank you for making my MONDAYS easier !!!

  13. Brian Dugan

    Thank you for another great painting. With everything going on in the world today, we needed this.

  14. Frances Williams

    Love your paintings… look forward to them every Monday. This contrast in this one is special!
    Thanks, Peter, for sharing your talent…

  15. cynthia adams

    I continue to like old barns…memories of childhood in VT. Very nice painting. Message you wrote especially meaningful for me as my husband passed away in January.

  16. Michaela McKirryher Tomaselli

    Hi Peter, I just love your painting of “Spring Barn” Having been born, and raised in Vermont, Your work brings back so many wonderful, and special memories of my home state. I so look forward to Monday’s, and, to discover where, and what part of Vermont, you will paint next. Thank you for your marvelous work, that makes me smile every Monday. Wishing you well , and a good week, and stay safe Best wishes Michael

  17. Lenor Filler

    with all the Blue paintings , I was beginning to think Peter was color blind .. love the red roof!

    • Peter Huntoon

      I suppose I’ve been called some things Lenor, but never color blind, until today! 🙂

  18. Karen Marty

    Love all your paintings. You are are so talented. I’m taking oil painting classes love it. I do acrylic painting also. But I feel I have to give acrylic painting up. There is so much to learn about oils. Stay healthy and keep painting your wonderful pictures.


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