A Day in Vermont
March 23, 2020


March Meadow

Among other things, painting is a study of relationships.

How does This compare to That?

In what fascinating and insightful ways are they similar, or different?

What effect do they have on each other?

The dynamic relationship between earth and sky can offer a steady source of inspiration.

Here a March Meadow sings in harmony with the heavens above.

A song of Spring.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on Panel

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36 Responses to “March Meadow”

  1. joan

    that painting is good for the soul. very beautiful and calming. reminds me of the old masters.

  2. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    Picture perfect for the Monday Shelter-in-Place we all all living under. Everything seems normal, natural but that sky overhead could turn to rain, snow or sun in a second. The road is so inviting beckoning us to follow. Where does it lead to? Don’t know but we’ll all take the journey together and come out on the other side. Thank you for the inspiration Peter.

  3. Deanie

    As usual, you painting is stunning. Your commentary makes it complete… happy spring…

  4. jane o'reilly

    oh oh oh, PERFECT! is it the hill near your house? truly moves my heart, and every memory of living in Middletown Springs.

    • Peter Huntoon

      Yes, this is right down the road,(RT 140)across the way from the apple orchard…Sundog Lane. Thanks Jane!

  5. Christine

    I love the lovely neutrals in this and love your comments about relationships in the painting. It is usefully informative. It lovingly captures the mysterious and beautiful moodiness of an overcast day in the early spring.

  6. Karen McBride

    This one hits home. Tranquil, eternal, calming. Beautiful curves and play of light. Such a welcome view this morning. Thank you!

  7. Sue Malvuccio

    Love the serenity and quiet calm, knowing that warmth and more sunshine will soon return…

  8. cynthia adams

    The still before the storm…… perhaps. The scene stirs many thoughts for me. NICE

  9. Sheila McCormack

    A beautiful and meaningful painting to share today, Peter. As a brighter sky is ahead and anxiously awaited, this painting also captures and reminds me of the beauty and solace that exist even on the overcast days we’re currently facing. Thank you.


    BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Peter. In these times your wonderful artwork
    is greatly appreciated!!

  11. Brian Blaine

    On just such a day a week ago, I meandered down a sloping meadow to where a marshy area supports a stand of willows. Before I could get back home I got soaked by sudden rain. Not that I minded…..I had my arms filled with the first pussy willows of spring. Your talented use of, I assume, a limited color palette, has resulted in a beautiful depiction of the season, and a gem of a painting.

  12. Brian Dugan

    Amazing sky! Thank you Peter, in these trying times, this is just what we need. Keep up with the great work as always.

  13. ann vanneman

    Peter, in this painting you give a different treatment to “road”, having it more off to the side and seemingly in the background. But it draws one in subtly and makes me think of many, many roads here in the VT woods and countryside where I just have to go down there. Really good effect.

  14. Michael Emerick

    Read all the replies. Agree with them all. Makes me think that you a truly one of life’s lucky ones…a person who found & is following his calling. That your endeavors touch people so profoundly in such a deeply personal manner proves the saying that God art entertains us, & great art speaks to us, provokes us, forces us think & feel & relate to what is being viewed. You, sir, and your renderings have that power. I consider this one of your top five pieces. BRAVO, Peter, bravo! Cannot wait to share a glass of Chateau Neuf du Pape ( a magnificent Rhone red, the exquisite color of which even you will struggle to capture on your canvass). ❤️

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thank you Michael for your very kind words, and to all above! I feel lucky for sure, but mostly I feel humble gratitude to know my earnest work can make a positive difference in someone’s day, or life. My personal definition of success has certainly evolved significantly over the years. That’s pretty close to it these days.


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