A Day in Vermont
March 30, 2020


Wallingford Station

We got another few inches of snow last week and I took a few photos in Wallingford on my way home.

The Wallingford Fire Station is a subject I’ve passed hundreds of times, half planning to paint it “someday”.

Then someday comes and something clicks. Perhaps it’s just the right light, a certain color combination, or a prevailing mood.

In a flash of elan it’s suddenly seen with fresh eyes and must be painted.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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And the Winners Are…

As you may know, I draw two random “A Day in Vermont” email subscribers each month to win a free print of their choice.

It’s one way I can say thank you for your continued support.

Our first winner for March is Linda Matejcak of Manhattan, Illinois. Linda chose “October Farm” and had this to say…

“I love Vermont for the mountains. Of course there is nowhere on earth like Vermont in the fall. But each season brings such beauty. After a rainfall one summer on a beautiful winding road, my eyes just hurt from the brilliance. The farms have always charmed me, with the barns and the hay rolls. It just seems like my soul belongs in Vermont. Maybe someday. I always look forward to A Day in Vermont. Peter has captured so much of what makes Vermont so special, in so many different seasons. The nature of Vermont just speaks through his paintings.”

Our second winner is Judy Rich, of Anchorage Alaska. Judy chose “Northfield Bridge” and had this to say…

“I moved from Vermont to Alaska over 40 years ago. I miss the Green Mountains with the brilliant colors in the Fall, driving the scenic roads, visiting the numerous authentic covered bridges, and just the natural beauty. Through the art of A Day in Vermont I can tour and explore the beauty of Vermont.”

24 Responses to “Wallingford Station”

  1. Lenor Filler

    moved to Virginia .. we had no snow this year cherry trees have already bloomed . love seeing the snow .. great scene

  2. Karen Moorman

    Lovely, It reminds me of small town railroad depots even if it is a fire station. I always look forward to Monday Mornings. Thank you

  3. cynthia adams

    totally agree…. could be a RR depot. Regardless, it is a great example of “Old Time Vt”. and that is the purpose. Thank you for memories.

  4. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    As I’m sheltering in place with the Covid-19 virus raising havoc all around us I’ve expanded my neighborhood walk to other neighborhoods. Like Peter passing the station so many times thinking one day he’d paint it, I too have passed places so many times and never noticed things up close and personal. The bird feeders, the American flags, the silly lawn ornaments, the different ways house numbers are presented at houses (or the lack there of) and the wind chimes..the wind chimes play a different tune for me every day. One day, we stop to take notice of things that were right before our eyes and listen. It certainly warms the soul. Thanks for the Wallingford Station Peter.

  5. James Amstein

    Living in Clarendon, the Wallingford Station is a much-loved sight to me. Our Wallingford errands takes by there at least two times a week. Well, it did before we’ve been home-bound due to the Coronavirus. Thanks for the reminder!!

  6. Deb Farrington

    Charming, many of us grew up in small towns with railroad tracks and the sound of the train in the background of daily life

  7. Beth Ruberg

    A pretty little corner of the world! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Rachel Ambrosch

    I see by so many of the comments that most do not know that it was the Railroad Station when I was growing up in Wallingford (1950’s – 1960’s) and the trains did go through on a regular basis. It was converted to the Firehouse many years ago. I love how you have captured the essence of it. I would love to add it to my other two prints of Wallingford that I have. Even though I don’t live in Vermont anymore, it is still in my blood and I love going “home” to visit family and friends when I can. As Beth Ruberg stated, it is “A pretty little corner of the world”!

  9. Barbara

    You made my day! Thank you! Enjoying this and the beautiful paintings!

  10. Monica

    I just signed up today and I look forward to seeing Peter’s fantastic paintings. I have been a huge fan of his for many years! Thanks so much!

  11. Pat Messer

    That caught my attention right away!! I grew up in Wallingford and have so many memories of “home”
    Passed by there walking over to Elfin Lake while growing up! Thank you for making me smile! No place like home!!


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