A Day in Vermont
April 27, 2020


Wallingford Corners

Popular question; “You’ve done a lot of paintings…do you have a favorite? Answer; “Yes, the one I’m working on now.”

How about favorite subjects? Vermont intersections seem to be among them. Each crossroad we come to offers us possibility, chance, and choice. The open-minded optimist in me likes that. Intersections also provide a colorful confluence of shapes to play with. The kid in me loves that part. There’s also an ineffable energy in an epicenter that rings true and attracts me. One of vitality, integrity, and community spirit.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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And the Winners are…

As you may know, each month I draw two random A Day in Vermont email subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

It’s one way I can say thanks for your continued support.

Congratulations to our March winners!

Our first winner is Patty McWilliams of Poultney, Vermont. Patty chose “Hermit Thrush” and had this to say…

“Simply put, Vermont is home, especially the west side of the state. It’s where my heart is and where my roots are firmly planted. Peter’s paintings capture the essence of the land, the natural world, and our small towns.”

Our second winner is Russ Braun of Mahopac, New York. Russ chose “Lake St. Catherine” and had this to say…

“Soo Happy to have finally Won…. I’ve been coming to Vermont…Lake St. Catherine…..since 1947. Still there every year…camp on the West side…love Vermont. The lake and the people…..threatening to finally stop in by Peter this summer….after all this blows over…thanks again.”

17 Responses to “Wallingford Corners”

  1. Ron Coursey

    Born in VT, gree up in Mass and now I live in NY. LOVE your paintings.i have a Middlebury painting. VT will always be close to my heart.

  2. Ron Coursey

    Born in VT, grew up in Mass and now I live in NY. LOVE your paintings.i have a Middlebury painting. VT will always be close to my heart.

  3. Stephen Mckinstry

    Raised in Wallingford, now live in Florida, but still go home every fall to visit

  4. Beth Ruberg

    I love the mix of colors and shapes in this one. I’ve never been to Wallingford Corners…it might be a nice trip, love to see this in person.

  5. Charlene Whitehouse

    I’ve grown up in Vermont all my life and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

  6. Noel Weeks

    I live in Wallingford ❤️ My home is just steps off this picture ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Carmen Citro

    I have loved all your Vermont intersections and I agree with your statement about the energy of a town is reflected in its center. My favorite, of course, is my hometown of Proctorsville. You captured its essence, I had lived there since 1948 until I married and moved to the Burlington area, but the homestead is still in our family and having two brothers and their families still living there brings me back many times during the year. I hope and pray that one day I will win your random choice to be able to have a print of that town. Keep up your wonderful work and your commentaries, I so enjoy them.

  8. Craig W Knapp

    We live very enar to Wallingford. I have a long time married couple (one of whom is a former colleague) who are close friends who live in Wallingford and I would love to share this with them. We enjoy eating at Sal’s and whenever I trave south, coming back through Wallingford always feels good because I am rearing home. Your paintings always evoke warm feelings and a sense of nostalgia. Thanks for painting VT.

  9. Kimberly Mayo

    You did a beautiful job on the Wallingford corners. Making the scene look a live. Stay safe and prosper. ☺

  10. Dawn Meador

    I’ve been here in Wallingford many times. I was born in and grew up in Vermont. I moved to the south for 20 years and have returned to live in upstate NY. Love your work!

  11. Charlotte Birchmore

    Love the Wallingford scene – I live close by in Clarendon!

  12. Liz Maciewicz

    I live in Fairfield, NY, but absolutely am taken by Vermont.My last trip there was to Brattleboro, very lovely. Thank you Peter for keeping it real.

  13. Julie Sharon

    Living and working in Wallingford provides me with the opportunity to use this intersection more than most. Over the past 18 years, I’ve passed through this intersection over 15,000 times to go to my home away from home-Wallingford Town Hall. I can assure you Peter’s painting does justice to this beautiful section of Wallingford. RLS says hey!

  14. Peter Huntoon

    Thank you all very much for the comments and support!


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