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May 11, 2020



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As an artist I depend on Serendipity.

Chance plays a big role in both how I paint, and what I paint.

If I’m alert and willing to meet them halfway, great subjects introduce themselves.

And just like that, a series of fortunate local events made this week’s painting possible.

Thanks to Middletown Springs postmaster (Kathy Huntington) and new friends (Cynthia and Alan Craig), who graciously conspired to put this burst of spring color into a Squire Family Farm mason jar, and into my grateful hands.

Size: 12X16
Medium: Oil on panel

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A Story of Connection

I’ve long been convinced that art has the power to connect us to each other, and ourselves.

Every painting has a story that just gets started once it’s signed.

Through the magic of art I’m often treated to personal stories of Vermont, art, love, and life.

Corey Gumienny was the winning bidder on the “Wallingford Corners” original painting auction last week.

Thank you Corey for sharing your personal story with all of us…

“Mr. Huntoon,

I am so excited about this painting! I enjoy many of your paintings, but when I saw Wallingford Corners it was my favorite right away, had to get it!

I was born in Springfield VT but grew up in Wallingford from age 7 to 18 years, 1978-1988.

I have many memories from that intersection… Attending church at the Baptist church in your painting. Ringing its bell for Sunday service and sneaking up the thin stairs to the bell tower with other kids. Playing tag on the front lawn after church, which occasionally spilled over into the Town Hall parking lot. Getting up early on winter Sunday mornings with Dad, many times, and shoveling the church’s sidewalk and curb so elderly church goes had a clear place to park and walk in. We would get the wood stove stoked up, so the sanctuary was toasty warm by the time everyone got there. At that time, the 200-year-old church was only heated with wood. We Christmas caroled up and down School Street, neighbors would come outside to listen. One night especially stands out as snow was falling, houses and yards were dressed up for the season, and Christmas lights glowed.

I attended Wallingford Elementary which is just to the left from the viewpoint that your painting starts. At the intersection on the left corner, that building used to be a mercantile type store I used to love walking around in it. I can clearly remember the smells of the old building, and creaking of wooden floors as you walked around. My dad took me there when I was 12 to get my first set of Woolrich wool pants and jacket for hunting. My Oldest son just a couple years ago, for a few hunting seasons, wore my old wool jacket we got at that mercantile.

Just around the intersection to the left was the Town Library and it was a treat to go in and sign out a few books for the week. Across the intersection, on the corner to the right, was a small general store.  During high school my buddies and I would catch the elementary bus to the elementary school then go to the corner store for gum and candy before we got on the bus that transferred us to Mill River High school.

Directly across the intersection through the traffic light, I recall one fourth of July my buddies and I had a bottle rocket war, up and down that street going towards the railroad tracks. We would put them in coke bottles we were holding, light them, then point the bottles at each other to launch them. Bottle rockets whizzing past heads or bouncing off the pavement and skipping down the road. I know, stupid right, as teenage boys we did not think about bad consequences.

I used to love going down to the Boy and the Boot and dipping my hand in the water and feel the cool refreshing water flowing through fingers.

I remember walking through town with my first Girlfriend holding hands. I remember beautiful fall colors on the trees along the streets. I remember nighttime snow falls when no one was out, peaceful, quiet, and street light glow reflecting off the gentle falling snow.

At the base of the hill in the background is Elfin Lake, we spent our summers swimming and fishing there. These are not my only fond memories, there are many more.

I have been a Peter Huntoon fan for a few years now, when I happened onto your website kind of by accident. But I am sure glad I did. I enjoy completely, and look forward to, your day in Vermont emails. I would show your paintings to my family for them to get a glimpse of what Vermont is genuinely like. Last October my wife and our three children took a 5-day weekend to Vermont (we live in Virginia) as they have never been there. I showed them where I grew up, the highlight was Wallingford!

So, Mr. Huntoon, keep on keeping on with what you do!”

This is not just a painting, it is a story, an expression of a piece of my coming-of-age life’s story! As I imagine, many people can share life stories from those Wallingford Corners in your painting. Actually, a schoolmate I grew up with, she made a comment below this painting’s post on your web site.

But as for me, there was so many nostalgic memories which happened right in this painting!

“Wallingford Corners”

15 Responses to “Daffodils”

  1. Karen Moorman

    Love the painting of the flowers. It gives us hope of seeing this pandemic come to an end and summer bringing happiness, getting outside in nature again. Thank you for making my Monday’s special

  2. debbie

    My favorite flower and I love yellow so very lovely ….always wishing and hoping to have a print hanging on my wall …thank you for your beautiful pictures.

  3. cynthia adams

    Jars make the best, and really interesting vases! Great to see your workshop, canvas, et all. Spring flowers are so welcome. Cynthia

  4. Anne Twohey

    So beautiful and happy! I could see this in my living room..after being inside for 2 months, this brightened my morning…Always look forward to Monday’s now…Stay well!

  5. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    I can’t draw a good stick figure so I certainly appreciate your artistry to start my week. I love what you said about great subjects introducing themselves. That’s the way it is for writers as well. Not only do ideas introduce themselves they grab hold of you so tightly you have to submit to them. Glad the daffodils had their way with you. 🙂

  6. Mel

    Thank you for this most beautiful painting. Some times the simplicity is the most beautiful. Thank you for sharing the story, as well. I always look forward to Mondays, just for these reasons.

  7. Wendi

    Your daffodil painting immediately brought a smile to my face. What a joyful painting. A true sign of spring, even after the freak snowstorm we had on Saturday.
    Thank you for continuing A Day In Vermont. I always look forward to it.
    Be well Peter.

  8. Beth Anderson-Roy

    This picture made me smile. The colors are perfect and look so peaceful in the plain mason jar. Thank you.

  9. Charlotte Birchmore

    Love the daffodils! What a heartwarming story by the winner of the Wallingford corners painting. So nice when someone who can fully appreciate your artwork!

  10. Lenor Filler

    finally daffodils .. I have been asking Peter for these ,, they are my favorite flower my birthday is in March and my husband always bought me daffodils .. I never got roses !! Love the painting

  11. Lenor Filler

    i have been asking Peter for daffodils for a couple years .. finally!! they are beautiful.. My birthday is in March and my husband always bought me daffodils ./. I never got roses

  12. Sheila McCormack

    Beautiful gesture (the gift of flowers), beautiful bouquet, beautiful painting! The discovery of this week’s subject matter was not only a delight for me but also a beautiful and heartwarming remembrance of my mother whose favorite flower was the daffodil. It surely brought a smile to my face. Thank you. / In addition, thank you for sharing Corey Gumienny’s wonderful treasure trove of memories that were sent to you in response to “Wallingford Corners.”

  13. Peter Huntoon

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments and support!


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