A Day in Vermont
June 22, 2020


Charlotte Ferry

The Charlotte VT – Essex NY Ferry: “This is our southernmost crossing on Lake Champlain. It is a beautiful 30-minute boat ride that offers a perfect vantage point for summer viewing or fall foliage. This crossing remains open year-round as weather permits. During the winter months, it may be closed temporarily due to bad ice conditions or high northern winds.”

Indeed, a warm summer cruise on Lake Champlain is a Vermont experience not to be missed!

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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18 Responses to “Charlotte Ferry”

  1. Brian Dugan

    Looks very inviting. Keep up the good work brightening Mondays.

  2. Abi Costello

    Now that really does remind me of my mom she bought so many prints from you and she gave them to all of us maybe you know her her name is Gail Koglin she passed away a couple years ago I really want one of these because we used to meet at the Sharlot ferry all the time how beautiful

  3. Sheila McCormack

    Charming! Riding this ferry has been on my to-do list for a while. Thanks for this recommendation.

  4. Lenor Filler

    My sister and I went on the ferry from N.Y. to Vermont in 1951 , we were in line and the first ferry cost too much so we found another further along ?? she had just bought her first car . I had just graduated from high school,, we went on a trip from Buffalo and did not plan enough money… a great trip, We visited the “North Pole ” and saw an ice show in Lake Placid . I think we slept in the car,, painting brought back memories

  5. MaryAnn

    OMG. I love it! This is my favorite ferry. For 20 years we took this ferry from Hudson Valley, NY to Vermont. Once we got to the Essex, NY ferry stop to take us to Charlotte my heart and spirit would soar! Lake Champlain is my favorite lake. The views of the Green Mountains on one side and the Adirondacks on the other! Pure heaven! I have collected all the Ferry schedules and keep them on my night table. Now that we have moved to NH we will sadly no longer be taking the ferry unless we make a special trip just to do so. Your painting is beautiful!

  6. Mel

    Such a serene painting. Again, being from the South, we don’t get to experience things like this. I have been on only one car ferry. The kids were very young and loved it. Like someone mentioned above, very inviting. Thanks for my Monday morning smiles, Peter! 🙂

  7. Dave Wheel

    I’ve been through that landing a number of times, most memorable was when I left Active Duty at Fort Bragg, NC, drove North on I-87, then took the ferry over to the Charlotte landing. I was home! You have an awesome talent, please keep sharing!

  8. Marti Benz

    I grew up just north in Burlington and had a boat just south in Charlotte, Pt. Bay for many years. Love this ferry and it’s many fond memories. Thanks Peter.

  9. Lenor Filler

    looking at the map my sister and I crossed at port Henry.. it was cheaper

  10. Catherine Witman

    Was really surprised and glad to see the Ferry thus week particso looking forward to arriving in ularly. My husband have taken this ferry several times over the years on our trips to upper Vermont. I always feel relieved and excited when I first see Vermont. Later this week we will be headed to Vermont once again however we will be staying in the southern portion of the state so my first sight of Vermont will be from Route 7. Counting the hours.

  11. Doris Michel

    Hi Peter, here at the Rhine we have still a lot of ferries crossing. The one that remained in Duisburg is in Walsum. There is no bridge. The ferry crosses the whole day. I don’t know the times in the evening. But without the ferry people have to drive a lot of kilometers more for arriving in the northern parts of Duisburg. So your homage to the ferry is fine and it is even the homage to all skippers working day and night for our transport.

  12. cynthia adams

    Wonderful historic site and information. A very necessary and thankful transport.

  13. Brian Blaine

    My first memory of riding on one of the Lake Champlain ferries was when I had just started school and was learning to read by the phonics method. As we crossed the lake, a sign was just ahead of our vehicle. “What does it say?,” I asked my parents. “Sound it out,” my mother said. A moment later I had figured it out, .”.Keep brake” on was what it said. Good advice, and also a delight to me. I’ve loved to read ever since.

  14. Brian Blaine

    oops! Sign said “Keep brake on” Really,
    I read better than I type!

  15. Peter Huntoon

    Thank you very much for all the support and comments! Peter

  16. Liz Mac

    I have been on that ferry several times when my nephew went to UVM in Burlington. It is a sweet boat ride.


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