A Day in Vermont
July 13, 2020


Park Portico

A view from the Fair Haven Park looking west toward New York State.

I’ve always been a fan of portals… a probable consequence of growing up with Star-Trek and Johnny Quest.

The idea of “passing through” into another time and place appeals to my curiosity and sense of adventure.

I can’t wait to get there and paint.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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9 Responses to “Park Portico”

  1. Beth Ruberg

    What a wonderful older home, so well captured by you! Peter. And now a funny story…we live in Fair Haven, NJ but always vacation in northern VT.(South Hero). Some years ago my husband decided we should check out Fair Haven VT…we drove a crazy amount of extra miles just to be able to say ‘we were there”.

  2. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    Oh the stories this grand old house could tell. Love that you made it this shade of mellow yellow. Thank you for the Monday morning 🙂

  3. lori huntoon

    I really love this! The painting AND the story. Partial also to the fact that watching Jonny Quest is one of my most cherished memories of childhood!

  4. suzi r

    Portal? there are three there, one open to the wayfarer, two containing mysteries. The whole piece is beautiful, with the intrigue of the open portal accentuated by the grey Vermont-NY skies. The effect would have been lost to the viewer with a sunshiny, golden afternoon presentation. Cheers to you, Peter, for a painting that states more than the obvious!

  5. Lillian Mercado

    Love this scene and the beautiful house. Love the porch which makes it a real home to me.

  6. Carol Little

    It is indeed a portal to a distant time and lifestyle! You really made this old house come alive again!

  7. Barbara Christiano

    Thank you Peter for the lovely painting… and your thoughts about portals. I don’t
    Know if you are a Harry Potter fan; I am… there are several ways the wizards are transported,
    One is via a “port key”. Something that art provides for us!


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