A Day in Vermont
October 12, 2020


Brighton View

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now. Next Auction Monday, October 19.

It’s a great view across Island Pond Lake from Brighton State Park.

Thanks to my friend and fellow artist Jonah Petre for suggesting it.

I think every artist probably has a “Personal Why”.

Motivation to create can be fickle and fleeting.

Knowing exactly why I paint keeps me pointed in the right direction.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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The Song Remains the Same

When I stop for a moment to review my lifetime of art, a lot has changed.

Thankfully on most days, I can convince myself I’m evolving in a positive way.

I came across a journal entry from 2009 last week  titled “Why I Paint”.

Some things haven’t changed…

Why I Paint

  1. To experience discovery, wonder, and joy. 
  2. To have fun.
  3. To exercise the mind, heart, and soul. 
  4. To create something beautiful, exciting, happy. 
  5. To express my personal feeling for or about a subject.
  6. To work hard and appreciate the experience of accomplishment and doing my best. 
  7. To learn, grow, bloom.
  8. To expose my intuition to the light of day.
  9. To connect with others and share a mutual appreciation for life, art, and Vermont.  
  10. To communicate not what something looks like, but what it feels like. 

17 Responses to “Brighton View”

  1. Michelle LeBoeuf

    Wow, simply gorgeous!! Fall is so fleeting and you’ve captured a few of my most favorite things about Vermont – the fall colors, a lake, and most of all the quaint little Vermont town with its white church steeples. I love to paint as well , but rarely have the time and can relate so well to why you paint. You’re one of my most favorite Vermont artists and this painting reflects all the reasons why – your love for painting emanates from this piece and pulls you in. Well done! You inspire me:)! Time to pick up the brushes..

  2. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    I was in Woodstock, Plymouth, and Newbury, VT last week for a mini family reunion with my four remaining senior siblings. Vermont is in my blood. Every Monday morning when your art appears on my screen it rejuvenates me. It gives me all the same feelings of beauty and happiness to see it as it must give you to paint it. Every bend and turn of the dirt roads is a subject for your brush. Thank you for enjoying what you do and sharing it with so many. Your love and passion comes through and is appreciated.

  3. Lil

    Always love seeing your paintings of different areas of Vermont. Have been there and love the peace and quiet and natural surroundings. Have been to Hanover in the Fall while the trees were changing. Also love to visit nearby neighbor, New Hampshire. Lots of places to paint in both states.

  4. Cynthia Adams

    Nicely framed w/ trees…..amazing to have 3 steeples amongst Nature’s beautiful colors. This season has been beautiful.

  5. cynthia adams

    Nicely “framed” by the trees. This season has been beautiful. Great to have three steeples amongst the colors.

  6. Deanie

    I love how you painted the pine tree in the right front. Thank you for sharing why you paint. That is mostly why I sew, quilt and do crafts…

  7. Carol Lashway

    Beautiful! I remain amazed at what fine lines you can manage with watercolors! I can’t imagine how you do it!!!

    • Peter Huntoon

      This one is oil Carol. I like to use a variety of tools to get a variety of marks.

  8. Carol Lashway

    Beautiful!!! I remain amazed at the fine lines you are able to do with water colors! Our gorgeous fall will remain in someone’s home, thanks to you and your skill…..

  9. Marilyn Maxwell

    So beautiful – you surely captured the beauty of the lake, bluff mountain and the 3 churches !!

  10. Lenor Filler

    Love the fall color and the view of the town,, so New England ! Im living in Virginia now and missing up North

  11. Carol Little

    I love both the painting and the list of reasons why you paint. Mindy reasons are much the same!

  12. Brian Blaine

    You have accomplished so many of the goals/reasons that draw you to paint. God has seen fit to gift you in so many ways, and you haven’t taken it lightly!

  13. Michael Emerick

    Regarding your photograph from which you drew inspiration:. the colors of the foliage seems to have slid down the mountain side and gloriously accumulated in the town by the lake’s edge. Great starting point for your creative interpretation…which…per usual…is glorious. Keep on keepin’ on, Peter! ❤️

  14. Randy

    You really captured the beauty of fall in Vermont. It’s as if I am standing there gazing across the pond.
    Thank you for that Peter.


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