A Day in Vermont
November 16, 2020


Westmore Vermont

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Westmore Vermont in Orleans County is home to Lake Willoughby. This beautiful glacial lake is over 300 feet deep in places, the deepest lake entirely contained in the state.

This painting evolved from a small sketch I did in September.

A small sketch can be a big piece of the creative process. It bridges the gap between an idea in my head and what actually appears on the canvas. It provides a tangible starting point, bolsters my confidence, and stokes the fire of enthusiasm.

When I have a sketch that I can’t wait to paint, good things happen.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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8 Responses to “Westmore Vermont”

  1. Chris Thrane

    I have never been to Westmore, however I feel now I have. Another great painting!

  2. Lenor Filler

    always want to go down the road and around the bend in his paintings .. love the colors in this one also

  3. Doris Michel

    Hallo Peter! What a great shimmering lake. Your painting shows the glacial source of the lake in the iced blue colors and the sharp form of the mountains. It reminds on Norway. Astonishing freshness in contrast with the yellow leaves.

  4. Elizabeth

    You are a true artist…
    This year, I am looking for a unique piece to buy
    and send to my son and new wife …
    I have a couple of pieces of your work and I love it !
    Looking forward to send a request soon !!!


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