A Day in Vermont
January 4, 2021


Vermont Winterscape

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Welcome back to A Day in Vermont 2021! I’m imagining a good year ahead. You could say I use a fair amount of imagination in my work. Allowing our inner child to run wild is risky, but as they say, that’s where the fun is. This painting was done without any external reference whatsoever. I put a few spontaneous brush marks down, followed their lead, and got lucky.

Size: 10X20 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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And The Winners Are…

Now a  little catching up! As you may know I draw two random A Day in Vermont email subscribers each month to win a free print of their choice. It’s a fun way I can say thanks for your continued support.

Our first winner for December is Eileen Hostetter of Fort Collins, CO. Eileen chose “Emanate Domain”, and had this to say…

Peter Huntoon’s work captures the essence of Vermont – the stark beauty of winter, the remote promise of spring, the fleeting glories of summer, and the colorful flash of fall before another endless winter sets in. More importantly, he captures the spirit of Vermont’s people, shaped for centuries by the land and the elements. Best of all, these life lessons are lovely to look at! When Huntoon paints a quaint old farmyard, he actually paints a testament to generations of hard labor, simple pleasures, and steadfast principles.

I will forever be considered a flat-lander, having grown up a mile over the border in the Mettowee Valley of NY. But my relatives and my roots are all Vermonters, and I consider the Green Mountain state “home.” A mile on a map is just a typographical error, after all, an arbitrary line. I’ve spent my adult years in Colorado, but am often homesick for New England. A Day In Vermont helps me visit whenever the need arises.

I’ll treasure your gift of a print – thank you! I’ve chosen Emanate Domain. It reminds me of my parents’ house, perched at the top of a hill outside town, a beacon in the night always promising a warm welcome.

Our second winner is Rebecca Zilski of Cambridge, VT. Rebecca chose “Backyard Botany” and had this to say…

There’s something so special about Vermont that is hard to put into words, yet is so perfectly captured in your paintings. The beauty, peacefulness and seasonal variety is something that you have to see to understand and truly appreciate. I’ve lived here the majority of my life and every time I leave and come back, I remember why I’ve chosen to live here. 
Vermont is lovely on the surface yet there is a deeper beauty that lies beneath. Passers by take note of Vermont’s landscapes, mountains, and lakes. But those who linger and stay a bit longer, may find themselves rewarded with the purest visions that Vermont has to offer: a warm sunrise on a bitter cold morning, green grass basking in the sun’s light as it falls between the trees, the mirror image of a colorful sky on a clear, calm pond. 
Your art captures the true essence of Vermont and shares its splendor with the passers by who may have missed the moment and those of us who need to remember to take the time to look closer. You help me to appreciate the beauty that we sometimes take for granted while living here. Thank you for sharing it with us all!

18 Responses to “Vermont Winterscape”

  1. cynthia adams

    Lucky for us that you took the risk! Looking forward to your 2021 creations .

  2. Joan Ward

    Happy 2021! Hope we all find ourselves in a better situation for the new year. Trust you remained in good health and are back to doing your beautiful art work!!!

  3. Beth

    What fun to close your eyes and imagine a scene of Vermont. Mine is stone gray flower pots with faded red geraniums on the weathered front porch with peeling white paint on a back road in Glover, Vermont. Circa 1969. Even though the image is detailed and fresh in my mine, as if it were yesterday I, unfortunately can’t paint it. I am in awe of your spontaneous brush. Happy 2021 and looking forward to Monday’s of art to come.

  4. Karen R Moorman

    I love this one. Happy 2021. I look forward to Monday mornings to see your wonderful paintings.

  5. Sheila Cornish

    Is it possible to get note cards of today’s gorgeous oil painting?

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Sheila, but unfortunately no cards are available on my “extra long horizontal” (occasional for me) format images….all in the name of my ongoing effort to simplify life in the studio. Thanks for understanding!

  6. ann j vanneman

    This is excellent, Peter. So balanced, and you did it with no external reference, no photograph. Is that the mark of a painter when you can see it all in your mind and paint from that? I really love this. It looks like any number of places where I’ve rambled. Takes me there. Thank you!

  7. robert speiser

    this is the way a painting should be..difficult to put into words, but felt by the heart & mind.


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