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Today's Painting

Spring Break

They say it’s been a good year to be a dog.

This is the second painting I’ve done of ours. As with “Dog Days of Winter” a while back,we were just resting and planning when a new painting idea sparked. I love it when that happens.

On nice days when I return to the studio, Lucie remains on duty.

She likes to keep an eye on my neighbor Chris Edmunds working in the yard, while he keeps an eye on her…

Size: 11X14 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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“Friends” By Chris Edmunds

I know a girl named Lucie
Who watches from a hill
Proper as an English Guard
So stately and so still

When she sees me coming
She tracks me with intent
Then rises from her haunches
A message clearly sent

She heads for me directly
With fur up on her back
Her tail begins to wiggle
Before her tongue attack

She really is a good girl
So time with her I spend
I wish she were my puppy
I’m so glad she’s my friend

17 Responses to “Spring Break”

  1. Joan Ward

    Wow! Absolutely love this painting!!! So my name will get drawn!

  2. Jo D. Malessa

    I love the painting and the poem that pairs with it! 2 of my favorite things.. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to Mondays’ artworks. I live in flat New Jersey (southern) and usually traveled to New England 3 times a year, but because of the pandemic I am confined in place. You give me a window to a world I love. Thank you.

  3. Clare Walker

    This looks just like our new rescue dog Archie, who is beginning to learn to relax outside with us!

  4. Kathy

    So many things about this post are lovely… Lucie, the love in the painting and in the poem! Not forgetting to mention the friendship of the neighbors- both human and canine! You have certainly shared not just a wonderful painting, rather a treasury of Vermont!

  5. Lenor Filler

    such a beautiful taste of spring ,, I love this one . and the dog adds so much , he is enjoying the day

  6. Cynthia Adams

    I echo thoughts, comments. I loved my Sheltie for 12 yrs ; due to illness, a month ago she had to go to doggie heaven. Thank you for Mondays, Peter

  7. Beth Rossi

    Chris is fortunate for have a friend in Lucie and visa versa and even gets to write a verse about her. Then you get to honor their relationship in this sweet painting. It’s a win-win-win people! Thank you for the Monday 🙂

  8. Judy Fritz

    Oh my gosh, I don’t know which I enjoyed more…the painting or the poem. I’m guessing they are each improved by being together. Thank you!

  9. Joan Forcheski

    As soon as I saw this painting, I thought it was my golden Lucy. But she’s in doggy heaven. The poem fits her to a “T” as does this lovely painting.

  10. Grace Venters

    Love the painting, the poem and the dog. I guess Lucy is the dog that had surgery some time ago?

    • Peter Huntoon

      That is correct Grace, she is moving around pretty well now.

  11. Ellen Karadimas

    My nephew’s wife gifted him with a beautiful golden retriever to accompany him on the long hikes he takes when he has downtime. They make such loyal companions and are so protective and loving. Your painting is such a treasure.

  12. Tammy Arruda

    This is the most precious painting Peter. Lucie is a little gem, and the poem you wrote fits her perfectly.
    My husband was just as touched as I was. We have a Golden Lab who often assumes this
    position outside in our yard. Our Stella is an old lady living out her days enjoying the nature all around her.
    Lucie’s portrait reminded us of her.
    As always your works touches a soft spot, thank you so much!!

  13. Caren Gambero

    This painting is just gorgeous and reminds me of happier days spent with our goldens Casey and Annie who have passed. This painting captures such beauty. Love the 802…


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