A Day in Vermont
September 25, 2017


Autumn Arrival

It’s a race to catch the light and color now.

We found magic in Shrewsbury last week.

Looking at the world through the eyes of an artist is easy in autumn.

Appreciation, gratitude, wonder, and joy are all magnified, bringing beauty into focus.

A good perspective to aim for all year.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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By James Mee


Mother Nature’s smile

is Autumn’s colored leaves.

A wish for love and cider

in the beauty that she weaves.

For on the wind-song sent,

delivered and divine,

she shares a falling leaf

as she whispers through the pine.

“Autumn is a gift. 

a painted prayer, a valley deep. 

An affirming beauty 

the soul should hold and keep.”

Copyright 2017 James Mee

Grandpa’s Knob, Vermont.

All Rights Reserved

℅ Publishers’ Licensing Corp. 48 South Park Street Unit 615 

Montclair, New Jersey 07042

17 Responses to “Autumn Arrival”

  1. Karen Moorman

    Thanks Peter for brightening my Monday. Autumn is my favorite time of year and you capture the colors and the feel of the crisp air perfectly

    • Peter Huntoon

      I wish I could stop time this time of year, Karen. Alas, we just have to savor it while it lasts.

    • Peter Huntoon

      Hi Nelida, I always provide size and media description for the auction piece just to the bottom right of the image, as above. In this case, it’s my usual 12X16 size, oil on linen panel. Just let me know if you have any other questions. Tx!

  2. Randy Priest

    I love this scene! Many of your magnificent paintings make me think past the scene. What other beauty must be just down that road?

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Randy, I do love painting roads. Plus, I don’t like dragging my gear a mile. 🙂

  3. Sandra Molé

    There is still the warmth of the Autumnal season within the cooler tones. Just lovely.

  4. Brian Blaine

    The vibrant blue shadows along the road complement autumn’s yellows and golds, while the darker colors in the painting create an interesting internal framework that leads the eye up, over, down, and around in gentle movement of grace and beauty.

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Brian, I did choose to “push” the blue shadows a bit, but I do love the cool zing against the contrasting warmth.

  5. Linda Going

    Peter, I received my print and I love it. I also enjoyed your nice note. Your art work is enchanting.

  6. Shelley Martel

    I love your painting, and its promise of an autumn which seems to be just budding. I’m particularly drawn to the road which leaves me wondering what’s just beyond? What beauty is left to be painted? Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

    • Peter Huntoon

      My pleasure Shelley, thank you. There is plenty more beauty to be painted for sure. I wish I could capture it all.

  7. cynthia adams

    Pastel colors on buildings and landscape….comfort for the eyes. Great to capture the sun light/shadows on the road. Thank you for pleasant events in this world of storms and other destruction. Cynthia

    • Peter Huntoon

      More and more I contemplate current affairs. So much suffering. I always come to the same humble action plan; Keep doing what I’m doing. If I can send a little beauty and “goodness” into the roiling stream each week, that is something.

  8. Doris Michel

    Amazing blue shadows! They are pushing eye catchers between the soft colors. In the background the blue roof is balancing the sharp contrast. Such a fine composition.


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