A Day in Vermont
October 7, 2019


Barton River

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next Auction Monday, Oct 14. 

Wow, I just returned from a glorious week of painting in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

I was walking on sunshine, bowing low to the natural beauty of it all.

It felt like I was seeing color for the very first time.

Painting all day every day, I came home with several strong starts.

This is the first one to be finished.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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25 Responses to “Barton River”

  1. Karen Moorman

    So lovely. I wanted to come to Vermont this year for the fall colors but will not be able to make it. Thanks for sharing it with us

  2. Deb Farrington

    So good to see some fall color. The Midwest is way behind on color this year

  3. Conni Bonak

    Color is late in coming – soo glad you found some. Love the reflections in the water….thank you !!

    • Rebecca Rimson

      Aaah. A moment of repose. Reminds me of excursions in the NE Kingdom. One shouldn’t miss the Old Stone House in Brownington and a sunset from nearby Prospect Hill.

      • Peter Huntoon

        Thanks Rebecca! I did visit the Old Stone House….definite future painting. 🙂

  4. Deanie

    I like the burst of color. The angle of the sunlight this time of year is so special.

  5. Sandra Welch

    Vermont is so beautiful and it all comes through in your paintings.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Susan Cole Kick

    Peter, This truly captures everything that I think about beautiful Vermont. I just love this painting. So very beautiful; so tranquil. Thank you for painting this.

  7. Betty Moore Nollmann

    I have been to that exact spot a hundred times growing up.

  8. Dannielle Genovese

    Thanks for our magical day at your studio last week. I thought I had died and gone to painting heaven. . It was a very memorable day in every way. Your studio is warm, sunny and welcoming. as were you! The array of original paintings and prints is almost overwhelming. I am so thankful and blessed to know you. We will be back to enjoy more wonderful paintings soon.

  9. Michael Emerick

    When I visit your website, experience the paintings, the photos, your comments, the replies, I get the feelings that I had as a young child after coming out of church. Exhilaration of being alive in the wonderful world, loving my fellow travelers on this spinning blue marble, and looking forward to having a great day and exploring my immediate surroundings. This is how visiting your website makes me feel. Picks me up if I’m feeling a little depressed & troubled. I am energized, reinvigorated. Overjoyed at being alive. I have just left the Peter Huntoon church thinking of the magical sermon-in-paint he has just delivered. Thanks, Peter.


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