A Day in Vermont
January 22, 2018


Bolton Valley

This was my first visit to Bolton Valley Ski Area.

Although I don’t ski, I am learning how to paint.

Progress is slow, but I’m determined to keep at it.

After a lifetime of painting, Pierre-Auguste Renoir uttered his last words…

“I think I’m beginning to learn something about it.”

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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And the Winner Are…

Each month I draw two random winners from out Day in Vermont subscriber list.

It’s one small way I can say thank you for your continued support.

Our first winner for January is Elke O’Donnell of Cambridge, Mass. Elke chose “Chiselville Bridge” and had this to say…

“I could have chosen any of your prints, but I loved especially the play of the different blues in this crystal-clear winter landscape, accentuated by the red covered bridge. My husband and I visit Vermont several times a year in every season, and have done so over many years. Our time in Vermont has become a respite for us. I grew up in the wooded mountains and hills in Germany. Now, living near the ocean, I need to be in the mountains and valleys sometimes. Vermont has become that place for me. About a year ago, we met you at the Epoch, where you told us about A Day in Vermont. I subscribed to it right away, and also recommended it to a friend. Since then, I have read your emails every Monday, including the comments! I find it remarkable that you were able to create this online community of fans of yours, your beautiful paintings, and thoughtful reflections. Thank you!”

Our second winner is Chris Thrane of South Burlington, VT. Chris chose “Jersey Girls“, and had this to say…

“Vermont means home to me. Small towns where we never forget a name. I had the privilege of going to high school with Peter and being able to watch his talents blossom over the past thirty years. We are lucky to have him catch our state on his canvas.”

16 Responses to “Bolton Valley”

  1. Cassie Major

    I’ve just enrolled in my first pastel art class entitled “unusual landscapes”. I am now seeing your work with a new eye for your marvelous detail.

  2. cynthia adams

    Nice to see cheerful colors and activity on a overcast rainy/ice day. So glad to be connected w/ your art. Cynthia

  3. Brian Blaine

    A delightful chorus of color and contrasts warms a cold winter’s day, while the “swoosh” of skis and happy conversation and laughter echo from the slopes!


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