A Day in Vermont
September 11, 2017


Cavendish Vermont

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next Auction Monday Sept 18. 

Change is good.

At least for this artist in Vermont.

We can see a gentle shift in color happening now.

Autumn approaches with a quickening pace.

An appetizer emerged along the Black River and the town of Cavendish last week.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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12 Responses to “Cavendish Vermont”

  1. cynthia adams

    Colors blend naturally. Peaceful and serene…nice to have on 9/11. Like reflection in stream also. Cynthia

  2. Mary McCulley

    I anxiously await your emails announcing a painting for viewing and I am NEVER disappointed! With summr just about over this reminds me of the suble changes coming that will bring the splendor and color of autumn yet there is still that peek of summer shining through.. thank you Peter!

  3. Brian Blaine

    Utter beauty. Utter peace. The second I saw this one I knew it would be sold immediately.

  4. Kerry in Cavendish

    Lovely view of our town and incredible work as usual. Travel up County Rd in Cavendish and view the alps of Vermont- breathtaking! especially in the autumn

  5. Martha Lawson

    NUTS! That went too fast! If I’d been just a few minutes faster I’d have had a beautiful companion piece for Echo Lake Morning. I snoozed. I lozed.

  6. Karen Moorman

    Thanks again Peter. This is lovely, I wish I could see Vermont in the Autumn.

  7. Doris Michel

    Colors like “Donauschule” resp. Adam Elsheimer or Albrecht Altdorfer. A German village outsourced in Vermont. What shall I say? Wonderful romantic sight. I could have bought it…


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