A Day in Vermont
November 26, 2018


Cold River

The Cold River in Shrewsbury was aptly named. Yes, it’s cold!

The Cold River Road follows along the Cold River, naturally.

And just above the Cold River Road is a less-traveled byway where I found this view.

That of course would be the Upper Cold River Road.

In Vermont we appreciate straightforward simplicity. Aside from maple syrup, nothing fancy.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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30 Responses to “Cold River”

  1. Ellen Sussman

    Stunning and life like as always. I hope you took this as a photo and returned to your warm studio and painted there without freezing your painterly fingers.

  2. Jane Duval

    The rivers continue to bring us beauty even in the coldest or harshest of winter weather.

  3. Beth Rossi

    Cold River is also Cool River. Makes me want to put on my favorite sweater and comfy socks, open the door to this view and breathe in the air deeply to take in the crispness. Thanks Peter.

  4. Beth Ruberg

    I love the mountains in the distance as much as the river! Just great! Thanks.

  5. Brian Dugan

    Always love watching the Cold River from the roadway when driving along Route 103 to Rutland.

  6. Lenor Filler

    It looks so cold… how fast you went from Autumn to winter .. I lived in N.H. and Ma. all my married life 62 years. now with a son in Virginia.. . it seems to be still fall here.. Love your ” Cold River”

  7. Valerie Triolo

    So serene…all is cold, but not still….water is moving….snow comes and goes…Wow.Very lovely…well captured Peter.

  8. Susan Gaboriault

    Another lovely winter scene, I love the snow shadows of gray, blue, lavender, and pinks. The deeper shades
    In the woods makes it feel very cool. It’s 80* here in Fl. nice to see your cool painting!

  9. Tom Beall

    Love it! Was up to Vermont this summer to get my yearly “Green” fix. Your paintings keep me in the Vermont mood all year. Thanks!

  10. Linda Montecalvo

    the road less traveled can be a tantalizing gift that each of us can give ourselves from time to time, this inspiring image serves as a reminder of how beautiful the natural world really is if we allow ourselves to stop and take in the moment. Thank-you Peter for rendering it so beautifully…

  11. Marianne. Webb

    This Floridian truly misses the New England chill which I can feel in your painting. I Thank you for this moment of reflection.

  12. brian blaine

    Predominately cool colors speak of cold and snow and ice, while a few trees, likely oaks, hold on stubbornly to their dried foliage, adding a warmer touch to the winter scene. As always, a scene rendered beautifully that touches on past memories for this “older” Vermonter. (Right now Florida is feeling pretty good!)

  13. Sylvia Eugair

    Yes it is very cold. I had to swim in it while at Tamarack Notch Girl Scout Camp. Beautiful picture!

  14. Joan Ward

    Very realistic for Vermont! Lived here all my life with no desire to ever move!

  15. Thomas Village

    I’ve hiked along the banks of the Cold River many times, taking a slight diversion to partake in a refreshing beverage at Pierce’s Store in Shrewsbury. It’s a lovely stretch to hike and calm the mind.

  16. Peter Huntoon

    Thank you for all the great comments folks! More snow today…and plenty of fresh inspiration.

  17. Judith Young

    Although living 2 miles from Lake Michigan , is very cold now and all winter, it doesn’t compare to the severity of Vermont’s winters, as I remember as a child. Love the rolling hills of Vermont. Thanks for another beauty!

  18. Joan

    I live in Oakland, Ca. now. This particular watercolor reminds me of days spent as a child growing up in Ohio. I recall how much fun it was being out in the snow. It all seemed like magic to me, especially running across a creek still running, not frozen. I would get lost in the more subtle color schemes of winter. Your painting brings it all back. Thanks for painting this one!


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