A Day in Vermont
January 21, 2019


Dog Days of Winter

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There’s a perfectly good argument for heading south in the winter.

I don’t blame anyone for trading the snow shovel and below zero temps for some Florida sunshine.

But it’s hard to beat a good hunkering-down when the snow piles up.

Commitments get canceled. The fridge is stocked and the woodstove crackles hot. Hopefully, the power (and pajamas) stay on.

You’re not going anywhere, and nobody’s coming by.

A good dog knows how to enjoy it. As usual, ours has the best seat in the house.

Size: 12X16
Medium: Oil on panel (auctioned unframed)

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32 Responses to “Dog Days of Winter”

  1. Terry Parker

    Love this!! This is exactly what my cat Sinaya does in front of both the wood stove and pellet stove except he has a few pillow in front of each. This so so New Englandy!! Thanks for sharing your fantastic work!

  2. Chris Thrane

    Absolutely you got it today Peter! With negative 25 wind chill here in Burlington the wood stove is the place to be. Outstanding painting as always!

  3. kathy hart

    This hit home. I, Kathy Hart am in Florida now for the winter and it gets cold here too at night. It froze here last night and I am in pj’s waiting for it to warm up. Was thinking about my own Vermonters up there and your painting showed up. There’s nothing like the smell and warmth of a wood stove accompanied by your favorite dog. Thanks so much for the nostalgia! Kathy Hart

  4. Victoria Schneider

    Peter, this is THE MOST PERFECT painting for what we’re all experiencing in the Northeast….and, this is our house as well. You captured in word and painting, what it feels like when we “hole up” …simply because it’s the common sense thing to do…if one can. And kudos to all the folks who have to get out in this stuff and serve others…may you come home to a warm fire and simple pleasures. Love this…

  5. Steve Gilzow

    Love this, Peter. In our home, it’s the black cat who worships at the shrine of the Vermont Castings Resolute. Our stove top steamer adds a touch of red. With ten below on the porch thermometer this morning, we’ll all be staying near the hearth.

  6. Dee Bory

    I love this! My little dog lies in front of the electric heater (that looks like your wood stove). I, too, understand folks who go south in the winter, but I like the contrasts of the seasons. Stay warm and dry, Peter.

  7. Lenor Filler

    such a lot of comfort in this one.. we all need that right about now.. a real surprise departure from your usual.. landscape I guess you are not venturing outdoors to paint these days … just love this one

  8. Karen Moorman

    AHH love it, so inviting. Reminds me of the farm in Norther Minnesota when I was a little girl. We had a wood cook stove in the kitchen. Beautiful painting as always

  9. Bebe Hammock

    I love this!! So doggish! Our dog is out in the grass, tummy warming in the sun! Started
    the day very cold for us 28 degrees. Will be up to 60 degrees. So a beauty of a day!!
    Love seeing your work. Inspiring!! Thank you!

  10. carol

    What a perfect day to post this one! Warm and cozy inside near the fire…..

  11. cynthia adams

    SO COMFY!! I feel a little warmer just looking @ your pet. Very nice diversion for a sub- zero winter day!

  12. lynda dailey

    We where in your studio last week and you said you thought you would do this painting, it is so nice, just like our dog does by the wood stove.

  13. Geri Skinner

    This picture is exactly what happens at our house except now it’s a chocolate lab. Great job!!

  14. Pat

    Perfect way to spend a cold snowy day….power on, pajamas for sure, warm fire and your best furry friend!♥

  15. Barbara Geffers

    This is the way I want to spend my Winter. Snow, warm fire, cat sleeping near and just enjoy God’s beauty. Thank you Peter for sharing your God Given Talent of painting…..

  16. Mary Jayne Sullivan

    Love your art! Always excited to see your next subject! Although in California now, always love an opportunity to hunker down…..a phrase my Vermont Dad used all the time. ❤️

  17. christine holzschuh

    Love the subject matter…your dog looks so much like mine, as does your stove! But more than that, I love the colors, the columnal composition and the warmth of it….and always the brushwork. It has inspired me!

  18. Joy Jordan

    You have snagged my heart Peter. One day I am going to own one of your pieces.

  19. Janalene L. Gould

    This painting invites one in to sit a spell, soak up some heat and pet the dog! I love it! Thank you for your beautiful artwork Peter!

  20. Mary Fran

    Awesome Peter!!! The light and warmth of this piece makes one forget about the cold outside.
    Love, love, love it!!!

  21. Rhonda

    Love the picture, my cat enjoys our stove many nights. Thank you for the beautiful print I bought from you of the lake and it was very nice to visit your shop as well.

  22. Neal

    Once again you’ve captured that inimitable canine spirit. Reminds me of my setter warming his whiskers by the woodstove until panting, he could no longer stand the heat.

  23. michael takac

    Ah, yes, the Dog Days of Winter! Underrated. But not your painting! Thank you for the flood of warm memories of every dog I’ve ever loved and every fire I’ve ever enjoyed. Best wishes, nah, it’s my warmest wishes for the three of you – enjoy the fire and good fortune of one another’s company. MTakac

  24. Sharon

    We lost our sweet 13 year old Golden in September but this is exactly where she would be in weather like we’re currently experiencing! A beautiful painting which brought back beautiful memories. Thank you Peter!

  25. Doris Michel

    yes, this is a dogs behavior! Cats and human beings love it too. My sister has a stove like this. And nothing is more comfortable than resting in front of a heating fire in wintertime. For us with a delicious cup of tea or hot apple wine with cinnamon and sugar.

  26. brian Blaine

    Can’t help but love the joy and peace of the hearth. Warm colors and abstract composition radiate the security and comfort of a warm home fire on a cold winter’s day.


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