A Day in Vermont
December 10, 2018


Dorset Church

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I’ve long admired this church, her understated architecture and rugged, old world craftsmanship.

Irresistible inspiration is a good place to start for an artist. A clear concept helps, too.

Here, I imagined my brushes as chisels, carving the entire painting out of a single block of stone.

Gradually, chip by chip, the subject emerged.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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25 Responses to “Dorset Church”

  1. Alison DeVito

    Oh, my sweet little Dorset! I have such wonderful memories from my childhood of this wonderful town from going to plays at the Dorset Playhouse, gazing with wonder at the quarry nearby and shopping for yummy items at what was once Peltier’s (we will always call it that!) My mom gave me the church cookbook for Christmas a couple of years ago – now I can enjoy Dorset all year long from New Jersey!

  2. Olivia Teja

    Beautiful church and of course painting, I love churches! In the East the first building to be built in a new town was a church,I grew up in the Oklahoma and discovered that the first building that was built out there was a saloon!

  3. Maureen Manning

    Beautiful church and beautiful work! I’ve seen this church many times in my travels in beautiful Vermont’sVermont’s

  4. Lenor Filler

    An unusual church for N.E. not many are stone great picture as always { from a Congregational ministers wife .who lived all over N.H., Ma. and Ct. }

  5. Arlene Hirst

    What a beautiful representation of the lovely church in Dorset, one of my favorite towns in Vermont!

  6. cynthia adams

    Incredible capture of the historic detail; very inviting, and the early winter scene adds to your amazing skills.

  7. brian blaine

    Not only did you manage to “chisel” with paint, but you welcomed us by “shoveling” the walkway and steps! Beautifully done, with exquisite color choice and development.

  8. Karen Moorman

    I do love old churches. This is beautiful Again thank you for your day brightener every Monday.

  9. Karen Moorman

    Gorgeous painting. I love old churches and the painting is wonderful as is every Monday Thank you

  10. Doug

    The exterior of the Dorset Church is quite stunning indeed! Every stone block artfully chiseled and meticulously linked. The culmination of this undertaking resulted in a structure, which by its architecture alone, communicated the feeling of sanctuary and permanence. However, the true beauty of this church is found within those chiseled stone walls. Upon walking past the massive red doors, one is immediately consumed by the warm wood interior, dazzled by a rainbow of color streaming through the stain glassed windows, and greeted with the sounds of laughter and joy. So, if you ever find yourself in Dorset admiring the exterior of this beautiful New England church, knock on the big red doors and be prepared to be amazed!

  11. Carol Little

    Beautiful! I like the idea of imagining the brush as a chisel! Great results!

  12. Fr. Andrew Carlson

    Simply gorgeous. Your work is exquisite, Peter. Do you ever take suggestions of scenes to paint? Thanks!


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