A Day in Vermont
June 11, 2018


East Poultney Store

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Authenticity. Integrity. Practicality. Personality. Community.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Definitions that deftly describe Vermont.

Appropriate attributes to aim for in a painting, and in life.

Items always in stock at our local general store.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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And the Winners are…

Congratulations to our two free print winners for June.

Our first winner is Sandy Gossoff of Staten Island, N.Y. Sandy chose “Warren Vermont” and had this to say…

“Thank you so much for selecting me as a winner this month. I was so excited to win and even more overjoyed to learn that you felt well enough to resume “A Day in Vermont”. The print that I have chosen is Warren, Vermont mainly because of its amazingly vibrant colors. My family loves Vermont! We particularly enjoy vacationing in Killington in the summertime and taking day trips to many places throughout the state. We are in awe of the beautiful scenery and nature at its best. There is always so much to see and do. In addition, the residents of Vermont have always been so warm and friendly to us. Peter, we truly wish you the gift of good health and the continued success of “A Day in Vermont”.”

Our second winner is Gerry Duncan of Yonkers, N.Y. Gerry chose “Holiday Spirit” and had this to say…

“I love opening your email each week to see your latest work….it’s like getting a gift each week! I enjoy the nature scenes more than the villages-you bring each scene alive, whether it be a babbling brook, path into the woods or a deer in the forest. What I love about Vermont is its natural beauty-the woods, ponds, rivers and wildlife-and you have managed to capture the essence of it every week. Thank you, Peter.”

20 Responses to “East Poultney Store”

  1. Lee Filler

    so happy to see you are back and doing great work again!! love this.. with all the flowers

  2. Jacqueline Bartenstein

    Grew up in
    East Poultney. Actually at Meadowbrook Farm, across the road from Seaman’s Farm. Love seeing all your paintings of the area.

  3. Vivian Seidler

    Amazing to see that you’re gotten your magic touch back so quickly! Thank you for sharing with us, Peter!

  4. Mary Ann Godlewski

    I love the area. I met and married a Granville guy. I worked many years at Drake’s Pharmacy in Poultney. East Poultney is so beautiful. I’m so Glad the store is still there. I’m so glad you are heal[ing]ed.

  5. Wendi F.

    One of my VERY favorite places in Vermont!
    Beautiful Peter, just beautiful!!!

  6. Margaret Hildick-Pytte

    I have so many memories of the East Poultney store, AKA Spencer’s store back then. I grew up in East Poultney and attended grade 6 at the what is now historical society. It was a quick walk to the store for penny candy! I am so happy you are healing well and back creating amazing paintings.

  7. Doris Michel

    Congratulations, Peter! You’re back again. But you have to be careful. We all want to see your paintings even for a long time and the whole community doesn’t want to read: Peter is in hospital again.
    So gladly we take a look on a romantic authentic general store in brilliant colors. How long does it remain? In Germany those stores slowly disappear. Some of the small towns and villages remain without any store. Perhaps occasionally a van comes with bread. The younger people don’t stay, they want to live in greater cities. In times of the internet a general store has big “enemies”. So it’s your turn to save the view of the store for future. The times are changing.

  8. Jim Morash

    I was so lucky to have grown up next to this store. In the early 1970s it was the place I held my first job, at age 12 stocking shelves. Later on I got to be the cashier and did that up until I was 16. Roger and Sara Widness owned the store then. The house i grew up in is to the right of the store as you look at it. The house is for sale now. So many memories.

  9. Beth Rossi

    The reds in this painting draw me in and insist on being noticed. It’s like seeing the first male cardinal in spring announcing Spring is Here! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the East Poultry store but the next time I travel through the state I’ll have it on my list to visit. Love your work Peter, and look forward to Mondays to see your latest. So glad you are back doing what you were meant to do.

  10. robert speiser

    very very nice I agree about the reds! down to earth country charm.

  11. cynthia adams

    Peter…so good to “see” you again! This painting is wonderful, so iconic to Vermont/ New England. I grew up In the small town of North Hartland, Vt. and the country store is still there and also (like picture) still has the post office in it! Before that the PO was within a home in the village. Love the colors….thank you! Cynthia

  12. brian blaine

    One again you’re capturing a bit of local history before it’s gone. As Doris wrote, stores such as this one tend to slowly disappear. It seems to be a problem world-wide, not only in Vermont. If not a problem, exactly, its at the least a genuine loss. Times must change, I guess. Just a thought, would like to see some of your paintings published in a book of related Vermont history. Could make a great combination??

    • Doris Michel

      Good idea, Brian. Often I hear “Only nostalgia” No. History is so important for us. I’m not conservative but sometimes I can’t stand the enormous “drive” in our times. Speed and economic reasons are pushing us out of security and relations. Sometimes I ask myself: Why do people have to buy milk and bread in internet? Even the grocery shops disappear. Why young people don’t recognize the beauty of nature instead of staring always at their mobile phones? Second hand life is more interesting than real life. This is the dark side of internet. But one the bright sides is “A Day in Vermont” the weekly painting of Peter and the community here on this platform. Comments without hate and full of memories, wisdom and positive emotions.

        • Doris Michel

          Indeed, Brian. Sometimes an occasion like a “Day in Vermont” is a docking station for differently thinking people, a meeting point for those who are fascinated by art and authentic expressions. Peter is a maniac of landscape, he is the painter of the spectacular, also the painter of the normal daily life. It’s a walk on a slope: the desire of guarding the beauty and the good old things but in the same time being connected to all the new developments. The American painters often depict landscapes, it’s a great sujet in the American history of art. So Peter is part of a long tradition.

  13. Karen Moorman

    Love this one, Glad to see you back, I enjoy opening my email on Monday’s to see your work

  14. Charlotte Birchmore

    Makes me want to go visit the East Poultney store right now! Thanks for saving a future memory.

  15. Michelle Blair

    You are the best – so happy to see you painting again. This is one of my favorite stores! I love coming home to great homecooked meals! We’ll need to have you come to the end of Hillside and do my farm!

  16. jody ruhf

    I spend many Summers on Lake St. Catherine and love to see all your painting of Poultney, VT. Awesome little town.


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