A Day in Vermont
September 3, 2018


Horse Pasture

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next Auction Monday Sept 10. 

Happy Labor Day. Can you believe it’s September already?

I wonder what it would be like if we didn’t bother to keep track.

No deadlines to worry about or appointments to keep.

Other animals seem to get along just fine without a datebook or Google calendar.

They depend on good old-fashioned horse sense.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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Painting Demonstration

You are invited to join me at the Sparkle Barn in Wallingford, Vermont on Thursday, September 20 from 6:30 to 8:30PM.

I’ll be doing a live painting demonstration upstairs in their beautiful barn. It will be fun to share my process and the artistic experience with you in this wonderful setting. The event is free and open to all.

Who knows, if the finished piece comes out well it could wind up right here on A Day in Vermont.

More information here: Sparkle Barn Demo

20 Responses to “Horse Pasture”

  1. Karen Moorman

    I love this painting. My dad farmed with horses in North Dakota, this was before I was born, the older children in the family remember, but I have always had a place in my heart for them. This is beautiful. I wish I could make it to Vermont for the painting demonstration.

  2. Lenor Filler

    another great one ..we moved to Ct.. when my son was a teen and he became a horse person … still is has 58 acres here in Va. and trains horses and riders… . built a barn ,grows hay..

  3. cynthia adams

    Love your intro re “good ol’ horse sense”! I especially like the “steps” of the barns, and the cupola. Horses are pretty and they’re swishing the flies away ! Thank you for a nice Labor Day greeting.

  4. Brian Dugan

    Horses and Vermont just go together. By the way, Peter, I’m a New England resident again. Loved Nevada but it’s good to be home!

  5. Maureen Wallace

    I enjoy seeing scenes like this. We were in Vermont, last Oct. very close to Wallingford and loved seeing Vermont’s red barns.

  6. Debbie & Andy

    I so wish I could be there at Sparkle Barn, sounds lovely. 5 more years to retirement. So happy to be able to come to VT twice a year. We are enjoying the prints we purchased when we were there in April and are looking forward to December! In the meanwhile, happy Fall (here in Central NY, were in the 90’s)

  7. Sylvia Eugair

    I love this print! Horses are my favorite animal and Vermont country side my favorite place.

  8. Beth Rossi

    Love it, this is so all American in my mind. How blessed we are to celebrate Labor Day and have beautiful, tranquil beauty like this all around us. Thank you so much Peter for inspiring us to take a minute and see beauty all around us.

  9. Charlette Clark

    What a beautiful painting! Reminds me of the horses down the road from me. Love it


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