A Day in Vermont
July 9, 2018


Inn at Shelburne Farms

If you’ve been to Shelburne Farms you know it’s a magical place, with abundant natural beauty, historic architecture, and optimistic diversity.

It’s hard for me to find adequate words for some things. Which is exactly why I paint.

Size: 10X20
Medium: Oil on Panel

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35 Responses to “Inn at Shelburne Farms”

  1. Michelle LeBoeuf

    Absolutely gorgeous ! One of my favorite places to paint. I may have to get a print of this one.

  2. Lori

    Love it !
    Great subject especially during the wedding season! Beautiful painting and nice size. Wonder how many people will view this and know someone who had this as their wedding venue.

  3. Lenor Filler

    just love this one…. the .. colors I like are back.. been there also

  4. Beth Ann Rossi

    And I can’t paint which is why I write…elegance and grace in the woodland, you’ve captured it my friend.

  5. cynthia adams

    Great detail and expansive beauty! Nice to have shade beneath the maple tree and company of livestock. Very refreshing scene …..thank you…

  6. Glenda Leake

    When I was very little my dad worked at Mr. Webb’s farm. I remember only a little but it was a wonderful time and so happy to have been part of the history there. Love the painting.

  7. Beth

    Count me in as another lucky person to have visited the Shelburne Inn! A heavenly spot for sure. Thanks for your fabulous rendition!

  8. Deanie

    You description of the inn as well as the painting is magical..

  9. brian blaine

    The wonderful elliptical sweep of the road draws us through the sunlit fields and pastures of this beautiful painting. And, in a poetic sense, it mimics the graceful tracings, dives, and turns of the barn swallows that arrive each summer and bless the skies above Shelburne Farms.

  10. Tissy Brooks

    This painting is absolutely wonderful of the Vermont countryside and the Inn.I especally like the photo of you painting with the cows coming to say”hello”

  11. Knellee

    Oh this is lovely – both the painting and the setting. I don’t recall if I’ve been there but we can certainly add it to the list next time we are in town!

  12. Doris Michel

    Hi Peter, that’s a great place! So romantic. You’re catching the spirit of the panorama.

  13. Jerry


    Great painting of the Inn

    My wife and I stopped by and saw you this day, you captured the beauty perfectly. I just ordered the copy of the print for my daughter who was working at the farm that day as she celebrated her 12th birthday on July 9th the day of your painting.

    Thanks again for sharing your talent
    Kathy, Jerry, Jenna


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