A Day in Vermont
December 4, 2017


Kent Pond

Here on “A Day in Vermont” I try to stay in tune with the current season, but that doesn’t always work out.

I started this in October at Kent Pond in Killington.

Finished this morning.

Size: 10X20 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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30 Responses to “Kent Pond”

  1. Donna Caggige

    Peter I love this print. I spend a lot of time at Kent pond on my kayak. You have captured the beauty of it for sure.

  2. Jane Merves

    I love your work. Just looking at the paintings you do make me feel cheerful. We only visited Vermont (Stowe) one time but we fell in love with the countryside and quaint cottages and farms. Maybe one day we’ll be able to get back up.

  3. Lenor Filler

    Lovely fall lake scene… I am looking at lake pictures for a Christmas present for my granddaughter who got married by Big Moose lake N.Y…. but has just moved to Maine.. so exciting to get your paintings on Mondays.. great start to the day

  4. Victoria Schneider

    How very placid, Peter! Another stunning work of art. THANK YOU!

  5. Carol Little

    This painting is even more beautiful in the studio! Thanks again for a pleasant visit, and the canvas. Can’t wait to find an image to paint on it!

  6. Brian Blaine

    The small “treed” island that you have pulled into the mid-area of the painting lends a sense of added intimacy to the scene while drawing the eye gradually toward the more distant shoreline and then to the mountains. Meanwhile, the orange tree, like the central diamond in a multi-jeweled ring, adds focus and delight!

  7. Nancy Falace

    I have not been there ,this makes me want to visit. So much to look at.I think I would want to go out to the little island just because it would be fun. Enjoy that one orange tree it is a special treat. Always love mountains up close or distant.

  8. cynthia adams

    You must have had an amazing day when you started this painting….the colors of nature are impressive. I had to wonder if that is the tiniest island in New England…. the mountain peak is looking out for all. Thank you…

  9. Joan angell

    Love this. It is very similar to Knapp pond in Reading Vt. It also has a tiny island in the middle and a boat launch. Beautiful colors


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