A Day in Vermont
September 18, 2017


Kingsley Grist Mill

The Kingsley Grist Mill in Clarendon is a hidden jewel.

This place is really one of a kind.

Like many old Vermonters, she exudes impressive character traits.

Integrity, charm, and resilience, just to name a few.

Once a hard working mill, it’s now a thriving AirBnB destination.

I painted here recently with my artist friend Kathy Domenicucci.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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And the winners are…

Each month I draw two random names from my list of “A Day in Vermont” email subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

Our first winner for September is Sally Russell of Burlington, VT. Sally chose “Burlington Waterfront” and had this to say…

“I grew up in Brandon and LOVE your art. Just before I opened this email I said “I never win” And lo and behold I win. I have tons of your cards I give away. Now I have a print. My family have had a farm in New Haven since 1788. We moved BACK last October and love being home with family. Vermont is home, family and friends old and new. THANK YOU!”

Our second winner is Eben Sheldon of Worcester Ma. Eben chose “Old Orchard Road” and had this to say…

“What does Vermont means to me? Many things, growing up – and being educated in Vermont – I will always be a Vermonter & dam proud of it. My roots and my family are in Birdseye. The print I chose reminds me of home. I will display it prominently.”

18 Responses to “Kingsley Grist Mill”

  1. Steve Gilzow

    Like this very much, Peter. That little turquoise rectangle to the left of the second floor door just makes the entire building sing. Or, so it seems to my eyes and ears. The uniform angles of the balcony supports spill into the jumble of rock and echo the pine branches. The roof of the covered bridge has its own echo in the ice shield above the mill’s eaves. Love how dark you’ve pushed the shadows. You’re no doubt tired of hearing me say it, but you just keep getting better and better.

    • Peter Huntoon

      I really appreciate the comment Steve, as I’m sure you know as a fellow artist, it’s always the carrot and the stick. We are always trying to snatch that “best painting”, just out of reach. But in our persistent (stubborn) reaching, we also grow and gradually improve without our own notice.

  2. Brian Blaine

    A myriad of strong lines and sharp angles make a powerful and dynamic composition, while the wide range of cool blue and green colors add a sense of present day calm. I really appreciate how so many of your paintings celebrate Vermont history and its artifacts in such a memorable way. I find myself thinking of your best ones as “poetry in paint” !


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