A Day in Vermont
June 19, 2017


Leap of Faith

“Dog days of Summer” could have worked, too.

This was fun to paint.

Everyone was having a good time at the dog jump competition on Lake Bomoseen last weekend.

The energy, singular focus, grace, and enthusiasm of a dog on a mission is something to behold.

Not a bad lesson for an artist.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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37 Responses to “Leap of Faith”

  1. Karen Moorman

    Beautiful as always. Thanks for making my Monday’s special

  2. Cynthia Long

    Very nice! I feel “fun” when I look at that painting!

  3. Mary McCulley

    What a wonderful depiction of summer fun! Love seeing man and dog together! Makes me wish I was a dog! Bet that water felt great! Thank you Peter for your wonderful representations of life!

  4. Beth Ruberg

    I just love this! And I don’t even have a dog! Thanks for the fun!

  5. robert speiser

    Nice painting but dock or platform under dogs belly threw me off, looks like a diving board or something I don’t like its positioning in painting..awkward.!? thanks

  6. Jan

    I love this one…I had a dog that jumped from docks…so fun…

  7. Deanne Hurley

    This looks like our dog! It reminds me of summer son kentucky with my mom’s family.

  8. cynthia adams

    A true summer experience and such excitement for our pets! I can picture this one feeling so proud, swimming back to his master. Thank you for capturing and sharing. Cynthia

  9. Karen kinder

    Once again,thank you Peter for bringing Vermont,”Home” to me of Days gone by but not forgotten. Truly look forward to All your paintings..”Leap of Faith”brings back my Families memories…karen

  10. Brian Blaine

    All major lines of composition flow from upper left to lower right, drawing the eye to the ultimate destination–The Lake! Great place to end up on a hot summer day. I think the water is the real focus here, but the dog and his owner are nice too!

  11. Mary R Crowley

    Warms the cockles of my heart. Summer. Whimsy. Great composition and color. Action. Little red dots. American flag. Water. Summertime Summertime Summertime is what the painting says to me. Thank you, Peter, for this one and all the others we are so lucky to receive on a regular basis. Love, Mary and Art C.

  12. Laura Ficker

    That is a picture of my husband (Shaun Uldrikis) and our 8 1/2 year old golden Izzy!! We adopted her 2 years ago and she is fairly new to Dock Jumping and doesn’t always jump , but for some reason every time she jumps on Lake Bomoseen she does it without hesitation! You have truly captured her “leap of faith” and the beauty of the lake she so enjoys!! It’s just beautiful!!

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks very much for the back story, Laura. One of my favorite parts about art is how it connects us. Here we are!

  13. Brian Blaine

    Had to make one more comment. While art is created for many reasons, this painting, for me, is a wonderful celebration of the joy, happiness, and exuberance of life itself. I couldn’t ask for more!

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks again Brian, if I can imbue a painting with a little bit of those genuine attributes, that’s always enough.

  14. Donald Hodges

    I’ve been traveling but I bid on this picture. Did I get it?


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