A Day in Vermont
May 8, 2017


Lincoln Brook Falls

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“Lincoln Brook flows east along Lincoln Gap Road – from the headwaters, along the spine of the Green Mountains, to the Mad River, which it meets just north of Warren Village.”

The old Bobbin Mill still tenaciously grips the river bank here, birthplace of Vermont Castings.

I love the sound of a rushing spring brook as it carries winter’s fading memories away.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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60 Responses to “Lincoln Brook Falls”

  1. Rob Aird

    Peter, I especially like this one. I can see the flow of water and even hear it. It brings back memories of camping out with the Boy Scouts in my youth. Nice escape. Thanks.

  2. Debbie Green

    Love this, beautiful, now live in NC, but skied in the area for many years, miss it so!

  3. Susan Roberts

    Love this! Love the colors…the babbling brook. Beautful

  4. Karen Moorman

    Just Love this one, so peaceful. My favorites are woods, streams and rivers. This is beautiful. New Favorite! Thanks for sharing

  5. Gerry A Carrington

    Springtime in Vermont. Nothing better than this.

  6. Nancy church

    Oh my goodness ! Peter, I absolutely love this painting ! AWSOME !

  7. Tom Beall

    Reminds me of AT hiking in the ’70’s. Had a friend who owned a summer cabin off Rabbit Hollow Rd out of Northfield right on a stream. Brings back wonderful memories. Thanks!

  8. Carroll Pulis

    Skied close by at Mad River Glen when we lived in N. J. and stayed at the Montclair Ski Club lodge.
    Never got to see the Mad River. So beautiful and serene. Did go to 4th of July celebration one year.

  9. Cheryl Peters

    This is fantastic. The kind of painting that I’d like to sign my name to. I’m going to actively seek out some places like this to paint. Mostly I have access to quiet waters.

  10. Cheryl Peters

    This is fantastic! The kind of painting I’d love to sign my name to. I am going to actively seek out places like this. I have access to more quiet waters I’m inspired now.

  11. Carol

    Beautiful! So serene! I love to hear water running over the rocks.

  12. Pam Baldwin

    Love this one!! Is it near North Fayston? Memories of long ago!

  13. Michael Takac

    Like most, I received today’s “Day in Vt” email while in Florida. Immediately felt 20 degrees cooler just looking at it! Gorgeous. Thank you Peter.
    – From the hot&sweaty south!

  14. Bonnie

    When I was a young child into early teen my parents used to take sundays during the late spring and through the summer and we would travel around the Bermont countryside and fish for our dinners ! I’ve fished this area many times during my earlier years !

    • Peter Huntoon

      I know there were some trout lurking in those pools Bonnie, thanks!

  15. Melodie

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful painting. I can almost hear the water flowing.

  16. Ricksta

    Awsome! The Gap area is one place in Vermont where you can feel the power of the mountains and the hiking and fishing up that way is really terrific…. Great stuff Peter !!! Take good care my friend, Rick.

  17. Dhyan

    This sure brings back memories re: first trip over the gap in the spring….woo hoo !!!! What a ride !!!

  18. Catherine

    Love, love love this one. We love the Lincoln area. Such natural beauty all around the Gap area.

  19. cynthia adams

    Nice scene/history note; I like how you described carrying winter away. Looks like a great spot to cool off in summer heat. Thank you for more nice moments on Monday! Cynthia

  20. Brian Blaine

    The “torrent” of positive viewer comments says it all! With a few strokes (ok many strokes) of the brush you have captured sound, beauty, memory, sense of place, joy, and on and on! I too absolutely love this one!

  21. Joan Ward

    Such tranquility! My favorite thing to do is is listen to rushing water. It truly relaxes me. Gorgeous picture. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  22. Ann Vanneman

    I absolutely love this one, Peter. Your canvas is full of near to far action. I’m hopping on those rocks all the way back into the woods!

  23. Betsy Lenora

    painting like this looks like a lot of hidden gems in VT. As always, I not only love the way you painted the scene, but I loved what you said: “I love the sound of a rushing spring brook as it carries winter’s fading memories away.” Touche’

  24. Elle Adams

    I used to go skiing dipping with friends at the old Bobbin Mill as a kid. The name rolled off our tongues, thought I don’t think I ever connected it to the fact they must have produced bobbins there at one time from the lumber harvested in the area. What memories……. thank you!

  25. Susan Gaboriault

    I enjoy receiving the paintings you share each Monday. Your painting of the rushing water falls is very refreshing to see, I can almost feel the cold mist cooling my face. The temperature here in Florida 80*. Missing Vt.


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