A Day in Vermont
July 27, 2020


Middlebury Riverfront Park

The Middlebury Riverfront Park is a beautiful place to meander, picnic, and relax. It’s also a great place to paint.

I’ve been keeping a studio journal lately. The aim is to rescue thoughts and ideas when they bubble up to the surface, before they evaporate into the ether.

Recent entry: “Sometimes I get a brief glimpse of where my art is going. Those are good days.”

It’s liberating to let art drive the bus. It can take us wherever it wants to go.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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And the Winners Are…

Each month I draw two random A Day in Vermont email subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

It’s one small way I can say thanks for your continued support.

Our first winner for July is Thomas Hafner of Eastchester, NY. Thomas chose “Green Mountain Boys” and had this to say…

“Peter, your work embodies the beautiful State of Vermont. Behind each painting you feel a sense of season, of history, of nature, of time past, and for me, a sense of kindness. I especially love the way you capture the distinctions of each of the four seasons. Your work holds true to everything that is good about Vermont. I cannot imagine anyone who has never been to Vermont, after viewing your gallery of paintings, and not wanting to get into the car or on the next plane to experience all that Vermont has to offer. My Monday’s start off searching my inbox for the Day in Vermont email.”

Our second winner is Marcia Connors of Manchester NH. Marcia chose “Moss Glen Falls” and had this to say…

“Thank you for contacting me today about winning a free print. That is very gracious of you to do this for your art followers. It was absolutely wonderful to spend time looking through your repertoire of work this evening. So hard to choose but I have selected “ Moss Glen Falls”. When I think of Vermont, I think of the spectacular change of each of its seasons. I particularly enjoy Peter Huntoon’s paintings because he wonderfully captures the essence of Vermont’s seasonal landscapes that remind me so much of home having grown up in rural Vermont.”

13 Responses to “Middlebury Riverfront Park”

  1. Karen R Moorman

    I love this one. As always Monday morning is special waiting to see the newest painting. Thank You

  2. Barbara Geffers

    As always a joy to see, even here in Wisconsin wishing to be on the East Coast to take all of this in, in person. Your work is beautiful in so many ways, and sharing with so many is just one way. Thank you. Love this print as it shows the beauty of old buildings, too many are taken down that could, with some work, stand for ages with history that is taken away once they are down. Again Thank You for the love seen with every print.

  3. Beth Ruberg

    So much wonderful detail! Fabulous. It’s hard to say what I like best…the colors or variety of shapes. It captures so much beauty. Thank you Peter!

  4. Carol Carrara

    I have never been to Middlebury Riverfront Park, but your painting makes me want to go. It just seems to speak to me. Beautiful.

  5. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    And you sir are a compliant and enthusiastic rider on that bus to who knows where. We your, loyal fans, are grateful. Ride on brother.’

  6. Brian Blaine

    A beautiful painting incorporating rich color, texture, and composition in a way not unlike we might find in a fine old handwoven tapestry.

  7. Rebecca Manley

    My favorite. Lazarus Dept store was my first job out of high school. Those were the days ❤️

  8. cynthia adams

    “Down by the riverside….” VERY nice. Chuckles re your thoughts before they evaporate….. I KNOW what you mean….

  9. Mel

    I love all your paintings and appreciate your talent and the reasons you do it. Thank you always for sharing.


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