A Day in Vermont
December 17, 2018


North Branch

Wikipedia: A headwaters tributary known as the North Branch Ottauquechee River flows southeastwardly through the towns of Killington and Bridgewater.

It’s easy to take words for granted. But it’s remarkable how language can communicate so much with so little, and connect us to each other. It would be hard to go a day without it.

Same goes for art.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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13 Responses to “North Branch”

    • Lenor Filler

      Oh I love this one .. the colors are so vivid .. again I want to go into the painting.. you almost always lead me on

  1. Lenor Filler

    Oh I love this one.. colors are so vivid again I want to go into the painting.. you almost always lead me on..

  2. Stephen White

    Absolutely epitomises our memories of Vermont from our holidays there – a hint of lingering autumn colours alongside some early snows – fabulous!!

  3. Olivia Teja

    I fell and broke my femur right after I saw you in Hannaford the other day, having surgery tomorrow, keep up your awesome work!

  4. rick stott

    Merry Christmas my friend, looks like a good trout stream…….Take good care rick.

  5. Jennifer Burch

    I like your writing every bit as much as your paintings. In fact I sometimes come to your site just to see what you have to say. The paintings are a bonus. Your positive spirit is a blessing. Thank you.

  6. Alta Johnston

    Breathtaking as usual. It would be a hard pick to choose one of your paintings.


    This is another Beauty. Thank you and a Merry Christmas t& a Happy, Healthy New Year to you and yours.

  8. brian blaine

    As I was studying this painting, with its rich tapestry of color, I thought back to long walks I used to take in a winter forest on the farm where I grew up. I’d often pause in admiration of the many shades of gray to be noted and enjoyed in what some might call a “dismal” landscape. Winter is one of my four favorite times of year in Vermont! Merry Christmas, Peter, and thank you for yet another year of your excellent painting and gentle words of wisdom.

  9. Peter Huntoon

    Thank you very much for the great comments, and of course Happiest of Holidays to all!


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