A Day in Vermont
October 14, 2019


October Farm

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next Auction Monday, Oct 21. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to slow down time in October?

There’s just so much beauty to savor and paint.

Alas, her fleeting nature is part of the appeal.

Please enjoy the new video below! 

“A painting is a moment of insight and appreciation, rescued from the flux of experience, and given permanence. Frank Webb. 

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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62 Responses to “October Farm”

  1. Alison DeVito

    Barns are works of art in themselves – I have a wall in my living room filled with barn paintings!

  2. cynthia adams

    Wonderful video/messages….nice to observe your skills. October is my favorite…..must be because it’s my birth month…. 🙂

  3. Dick Bailey

    Peter, thank you for sharing this beautiful autumn day and wonderful painting! Vermont is truly putting on her best face for us right now!

  4. Dannielle Genovese

    Peter, our day in your studio/gallery was magical. I thought I had died and gone to painting hearven! You were so generous with your time and painting tips and we are so very grateful. Your studio was bright, airy, and warm. Seeing all your original paintings and prints was almost overwhelming. ou capture the beauty and essence of Vermont perfectly. Thank you for your time, your humor and your painting insights. Until next time……….Be well!

  5. Michael P Clifford

    Peter, watching you turn a blank canvas into a beautiful painting is inspiring. I really enjoy recieving ‘A day in Vermont’ every Monday.

    Still waiting for the sheriff under the maple in Bridgewater.

  6. Beth Ruberg

    Peter, I love watching you work. And those reds are so vibrant! Love your work. Thanks for showing us your inspiration .

  7. Mary Hendricks

    Beautiful, Peter! What a privilege to have met you, and see how you capture nature on canvas with such soul. A great way to start Monday!!

  8. Claudia Scott

    Oh Dear Peter.. this painting makes me ache with wonderful memories growing up across from my Grandparents’ farm in New England. October always makes me homesick for days gone by. Thank you!

  9. gail Wilson bonham

    makes me want to try watercolors. beautiful country barn scene

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Gail! This one is oil…but it looks like watercolor when I start with a very wet turpentine wash.

  10. Pat Messer

    Not only did I enjoy that video but my husband
    at age 86 was completely taken with it!!
    We were home this past weekend for a wedding a
    The Barn at White Rocks in Wallingford!! Check
    that one out!!!

  11. Patricia Przybylinski

    I’m a photographer, but after watching this lovely video I want to at least try painting! Living in the NEK the inspiration is all around all year long. Absolutely love the textures that result from your artistic brush, Peter! Kindest regards, Patti P., Charleston, NEK

  12. Nora Huntoon Inglis

    I think this was the best video ever, and truly love the finished product, may have to try to paint something in Alabama. God bless you. You make Mondays special.

  13. Randy Priest

    I live in Southern NJ and spent last week in the North East Kingdom at the Danville Restaurant and Inn. The weather was perfect and it was peak foliage season. My two brothers and I saw scenes like this on every back road that we traveled. I didn’t have the time to stop by your studio and never wanted the week to end. The scenery was stunning and I love the hospitality of Vermonters. Your painting takes me back to last week but I especially loved your video with the added views from a drone. Simply Wonderful!

  14. Rosemary

    Thank you for sharing that process with us, Peter. I loved watching it, and love the painting as well!

  15. Pam Baldwin

    I’m not surprised this has already sold. It is a beautiful painting, and the video brought it to Life for all of us! Thank you for sharing.

  16. christine

    thanks for taking us to the woods…
    your way of explaining things always gets me thinking

  17. Patty Wheeler

    First video I have seen of you painting. Very inspiring and hope you make many more.

  18. Carol Christensen

    So beautiful! And thanks for the video – was just what I needed to watch after a long day at work! Very interesting to watch the process!

  19. Conni Bonak

    Ah, Peter – what to say – only you do my heart good – thank you – Bless you !!

  20. Barb Alspaugh

    Dear Mr Huntoon I just wanted to say how much I admire your work. Watercolors have always intrigued me and I’m in awe and amazement of your work. Although I’ve never been to Vermont I’ve always felt a draw to the area like my soul belongs there. I hope to some day make it there.

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Barb! As mentioned above, this one is oil, but I know it looks a lot like watercolor when I start.

  21. Terry Greenwood

    Wow, so beautiful, all of it including the video. I was so fascinated watching you paint & your technique was so interesting! Thank you for doing this video and sharing it! Totally in awe…

  22. Susan Cole Kick

    What a beautiful painting which says “VERMONT” I, like you, wish that the month of October was more than a month….maybe two or three before the Winter really starts to step in. Thank you! Susan

  23. Arlene Ferrier

    Lovely, I could watch this for hours I think. Oil on canvas? Thanks for sharing. Arlene

  24. Barbara Young

    My artist friend wants to know what medium you used in this October ‘19 barn painting…beautiful

  25. John

    Just got home from work and watched your video, perfect way to relax. Thank you so much for all your beautiful paintings can’t wait to visit Vermont.

  26. robert speiser

    Pete I like this painting ,even more if foreground wasn’t so “plain” maybe more wildflowers going to seed like goldenrods, asters, etc?!

  27. Marilyn Maxwell

    What a beautiful painting and by the way that is our farm and you surely did an amazing job capturing its beauty !!! Thank you !!!

  28. Janet Chapman

    I didn’t want this video to end!!! Such talent ♡ I may have to order a print to add to my Peter Huntoon collection! Beautiful video production too!
    Thx Peter!

  29. Don Worth

    This painting is of my wife’s grandfather’s farm and is known locally as the Maxwell Farm…it’s no longer active, but the memories linger on. Thank you…we’ve just ordered a print because it has great meaning to us.


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