A Day in Vermont
September 5, 2016


Out to Pasture

If all God’s creatures have the capacity to experience joy, I think it’s the cow’s turn when she heads out to pasture.

And I’m heading out to pasture myself. Please note this auction will run for two weeks while I work on a special assignment.

I’ll be back with a new painting, a video, and a free print winner or two on Monday, Sept 19.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: oil on linen panel

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Until then, here’s another new (large) painting fresh from the farm, followed by a wonderful poem by my friend, James Mee…

“Mettowee Valley Farm” 30X40 Oil on panel   Original: Available  Print: Available



by James Mee

It’s found in every season

a beauty beyond measure.

In a landscape of Green Mountains

each season shows its pleasure.

Nature is the light of legend

shimmering on these lakes.

Or glistens in December

while falling with snowflakes.

Her rivers share their swimming holes,  

Her elms trees shade town greens.

Stone walls quilt her dairy farms

criss-crossed by farm machines.

Her valleys deep, pastures wide,

She’s what we know by heart.

And with these pillared mountains

it is eternal art.

The foliage of autumn.

The snows of winter white.     

Bring each bloom of spring to life,  

to grow in summer’s light.  

What reasons make this place our home?

Whose seasons make us whole?

Whose beauty shaped in twilight’s hope

bring knowings to the soul?



Poem Copyright 2014 James Mee

Grandpa’s Knob, Vermont

All Rights Reserved


16 Responses to “Out to Pasture”

      • Priscilla Jane Raykoske

        Vermont was our retirement dream We have lived a very happy and active life here. I have many Volunteer projects. I need to be active and help where ever I can. Your delightful painting take me back to my Child, growing up in a very rural farm near The Great The Lake Reservoir. I have Volunteered at the Chaffee Art Center and their Art in the Park events, many times. I was the lady who showed up at your Studio (unannounced,) a whole day early ! Peter, You came up the stair, eating remainder of your luncheon sandwich. You were welcoming and gracious toward me. Thank you, dear Peter, for not treating me as an intrusive old fan of yours.God Bless you and your loved ones. <3

  1. Chris Thrane

    The mettowee valley and this painting bring back such wonderful memories. We would travel by this farm enrout to visit grandparents in the Berkshires. The scenes would change each and every trip with the seasons. Peter, once again you captured it.

    • Peter Huntoon

      It is one of my favorite drives too Chris, always good things to see no matter what time of the year. Thanks my friend!

  2. caroline stagg

    Ok. I a,m so homesick for New Hampshire! Vermont is so similar, and lively. The poe
    m is wonderful too

    • Peter Huntoon

      Art and poetry just seem to go together well. It’s an honor to share James Mee’s work here. Thanks Caroline!

  3. Mary McCulley

    With so many farms rapidly disappearing from our landscape, it is wonderful to re-live the sights and sounds from a farm.. The poem is wonderful and says it all… thank you both for your wonderful works of art and for keeping the rural landscape alive!

  4. Brian Blaine

    Wonderful misty atmosphere in “Out to Pasture”. Early September mornings as a youngster on the way to school, I’d pass by valley farms shrouded in mist and see the cows head to pasture. By mid-morning the fog would all burn off revealing a glorious sunny day. What memories!
    ” Mettowee Valley Farm” is a splendid painting. It seems so detailed and precise, and yet so painterly and abstract! Wow! What more could I want?!

    • Peter Huntoon

      I agree Brian…My taste in art appreciates work that somehow manages to successfully straddle the mysterious, wonderful space between abstraction and representation, appealing to the eye, head, and heart simultaneously, in a one-two-three punch. I want it all. 🙂

  5. Barbara I Seger

    You have captured my Vermont. The way it is in all my memories of that beautiful state. Thank you.


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