A Day in Vermont
October 22, 2018


Proctor Pond

Like a good friendship, a painting idea can take time to develop.

I visited Proctor Pond last fall and it was a nice introduction.

Twelve months and several sketches later, I returned for another look.

Now we’re old pals.

Please Note: This auction is scheduled to run for two weeks. I’ll be posting every two weeks for a bit, while I work on private commissions due for Christmas.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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32 Responses to “Proctor Pond”

  1. Cyndee White

    Hello Peter…Is this what we called Beaver Pond growing up as kids? I recently visited it and it looks like they have started to clean up what used to be the picnic area.

  2. Jane

    Your paintings make me long to visit Vermont again. I’m sure it’s glorious with the leaves changing! I’m a beginner in watercolor and I’d love to paint some of the beautiful landscape there.

  3. cynthia adams

    Reflections are always nice….in art,thought and reality. Glad you have special holiday requests. Thanks for warming a COLD Monday….

  4. WELCH Sandra

    Sure wish I had a little of your talent Peter.
    Puts me right there. Gorgeous!

  5. Brian Dugan

    Great work as usual! Do you know if this is the pond where Proctor had swimming for the kids back in the 60s? I remember going there once but don’t really know where I was.

  6. brian blaine

    I like your comparison of painting ideas to developing friendships. With a good friendship the best and most valuable memories are what remain with us and strengthen the bond over time. The best paintings, at least in my opinion , tend to capture the essence of the subject while limiting the use of detail.

  7. Terry Blair Michel

    this is one of the most beautiful you’ve done! I miss Vermont so much and this would be a beautiful place to be right now! Terry

  8. Suzanne Bronson

    Peter, You continue to amaze me with your artwork. This is absolutely beautiful.

  9. shelley

    I got engaged at this very pond 43 years ago. Super happy I was able to order a print. Thanks for doing this.

  10. Beverly Kimball

    Peter when you get time could you please sho2 the caboose again thank you

  11. Joan

    All your paintings are beyond fabulous. I am an Artist myself. A very dear friend of our whole family has brain cancer. If I never win I will be happy to purchase one for her. She lives I White River Junction. Do you have a suggestion?


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