A Day in Vermont
September 24, 2018


Quimby Country

Some days are just better than others. I experienced them last week at a magical place called Quimby Country.

“Nestled in the heart of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom sits a family resort with more than 100 years of bringing generations together, a place called Quimby’s. Situated on 1,000 acres of Great North Woods Forest, Quimby’s offers something for everyone who is interested in stepping into a quieter place where nature beckons with opportunities.”

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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And the Winners Are…

As you may know, each month I draw two random Day in Vermont subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

It’s one small way I can say thanks for your continued support.

Our first winner for September is Donna Haggerty of Groton, MA. Donna chose “From Here to Eternity” and had this to say…

“Autumn in Vermont holds a special place in my heart. My husband took me to Wallingford when we were dating to visit his grandmother and her farm. Over the years it became a special place for us and we eventually got married years later in October in Vermont. We now have four children and they always look forward to our trips to Vermont. My husband’s grandmother passed away this year at 101 and we probably won’t get to visit Vermont as often. This print will be a beautiful reminder of the lane going to her house and the stunning foliage of the mountain behind her house.”

Our second winner is Patricia Reynolds-Jung of East Dorset, VT. Patricia chose “Manchester Vermont” and had this to say…

“I am grateful to win your beautiful print. It was a difficult choice because I admire all of your paintings. You perfectly capture the Vermont I love. The Vermont seasons, our state’s unmistakable towns and its atmospheric farms. Your art which expresses all this ineffable beauty and charm makes me happy and for me, living in Vermont is happiness. I am truly blessed. Thank you for your very enjoyable ” Day in Vermont ” and your generosity of giving away one of your awesome prints. I still can’t believe I won a gorgeous Peter Huntoon print. – love it!!”

8 Responses to “Quimby Country”

  1. Georgiana Carr

    I was up at Quimby’s the day you were painting this picture of the lodge and cabins…had dinner with friends..we tried to find you after dinner to give you some apple cake we had made for dessert, but didn’t see you..perhaps you were already on your way home. It’s a lovely painting, and you should get back up here in the next couple weeks when the leaves turn. It is quit spectacular with the water.

  2. Doris Michel

    Hi Peter, sometimes I have the feeling to know Vermont very well. This is the result of regarding your paintings. And so I don’t need to make an expensive voyage to visit this lovely country. Please edit a fine book with your paintings some day and I would be very pleased to get get it. Greetings from Duisburg

  3. brian blaine

    Sunny days in autumn have a special joy and peace about them. In this painting the dominant use of yellow has helped to capture that special essence of a wonderful time of year.

  4. Irene King

    I loved watching you do the painting at the SparkleBarn in Wallingford. It’s the first time I have ever watched anyone do a painting.It was beautiful.


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