A Day in Vermont
January 30, 2017


Saint Michael’s College

I found some wonderful painting options at Saint Michael’s College.

But an artist has to choose.

So much beauty to appreciate, so little time to paint.

As I wandered the quiet campus covered in a fresh blanket of snow I was drawn to the chapel. The light was heavenly.

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” Henry David Thoreau

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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19 Responses to “Saint Michael’s College”

  1. Randy Cresci

    What a beautiful painting. You caught the tranquility of this location.
    Just by viewing this painting has a calming effect. Well done!

  2. Joanne

    This painting gives me the same tranquil feeling I got when I would walk by the chapel as an SMC student in the late 70’s. ahhhhhhh.

  3. Brian Blaine

    Perhaps it’s just my Catholic upbringing, but I can see a lot of religious symbolism in this tranquil painting…triangular shapes suggesting the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ); halos of light around the lamps, like the halos around the heads of saints in religious pictures ; a richness in the blue on the upper part of the chapel building speaking, perhaps, of a renewed closeness to heaven that might be experienced from those who spend some time there. A beautiful composition!

    • Peter Huntoon

      Nice observations Brian! I can’t say they were consciously intentional, so I’ll give credit to that creative-spiritual realm which I don’t fully understand, but I do trust.

  4. Cassie Major

    Serenity- surely a hard image to capture – comes through quite well in this one, Peter.

  5. Chris Thran

    Once again you captured it Peter. I have been to that chapel many times for weddings and funerals. It is so very peaceful as is your painting. Well done sir!

  6. cynthia adams

    Serenity…… surely welcome a lot of that now. Nice also how you captured the formation of trees. Cynthia

  7. Kathy Comeau-Therriault

    Love this, you’ve captured the chapel beautifully. This is my old neighborhood growing up as a child, so many wonderful memories. The campus was not only in my backyard but was our playground growing up. St. Michael’s Chapel was our parish and the church I was married in 44 years ago. I love your paintings, thank you for sharing.

  8. Jill Chandler

    In the late ’80’s I ran the bookstore for New England College in NH, met the person doing the same at St. Mike’s, and always intended to visit the campus. Was told it was beautiful.

  9. Marcia Walke

    Soo calming and beautiful, and reminded me of my college days at a small college in Illinois, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. I fell in love also with your pine trees, Peter, in a ski scene. Much like here in Utah. You are so talented!


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