A Day in Vermont
January 7, 2019


Snow Moon

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next Auction Monday Jan 14. 

Welcome to A Day in Vermont 2019! Here’s to another great year together.

The words “intention” and “purpose” seem more sustainable than “resolution.”

My personal intention this year is to live simply with appreciation and gratitude. And stay healthy!

My artistic purpose is to work hard, experiment relentlessly, take big risks, and share my very best work with you.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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29 Responses to “Snow Moon”

  1. Lenor Filler

    wow looks like winter up there.. cold night .. happy new year .. hope you keep paintings coming

  2. Chris

    WOW!!! What a way to start 2019! Snow Moon is now the bar and I for one can’t wait to see how you raise it. Snow Moon is a jaw dropping experience, Thanks Peter!!!

  3. Lyn Parker

    So beautiful……..Makes me miss Vermont even more. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Happy New Year:)

  4. Karen Moorman

    Beautiful as always. I wish we had that snow here in Minneapolis. Your painting brightened my Monday. Thank you

  5. Sharon

    Beautiful expression of the calm vibrant glow of the moon on a serene pristine late winter’s day … so reflective of the great gift of nature. Looking forward to your 2019 paintings!

  6. cynthia adams

    Wonderful photos/painting and words of wisdom; Hoping you have a grand year!

  7. Beth Ann Rossi

    I’ve been transplanted to Virginia for the past thirty-nine years. In mid December we traveled to Killington for a family ski trip. We visited places we lived throughout the state and introduced our grandchildren to ice fishing. The very beautiful snow moon you painted was one we saw on a chilly 12 degree evening. You did a brilliant job in capturing the cold chill in the air and the stunning frigid woods. Thank you for the eye candy, Peter.

  8. brian blaine

    This painting brings to mind the words we’ve so recently reflected upon in our homes and places of worship, “Glory to God in the highest, and peace to His people on earth!”

  9. christine holzschuh

    “experiment relentlessly” I love that!
    I too wish you a very healthy new year and a big thank you for sharing your beautiful paintings!

  10. Anne Perretta

    I lived 8 years in Vermont as a “transplant” and even though I do not miss it, I admire your paintings. My only good memories are those when I spent time hiking the Green Mountains. I have pleasant thoughts of those times and your paintings remind me of some of the scenes I experienced while in the woods.

  11. Judy Moretti

    Peter, so beautiful. We lived in southern Vermont for 60 years. One of the most beautiful places on earth. You sure keep showing us why that is. Thank you.


    Beautiful work Peter. Thank you for a bit of quiet
    and serenity in this rapidly devolving world!

  13. Debbie Sanborn

    This is stunning! Your personal intentions are words to live by!

  14. Alta Johnston

    I saw the snow moon from my bedroom window. It was breathtaking, and now to see your painting of it is beyond breathtaking.

  15. Madeline sicko

    Not only is this painting exceptional but your new years message is simple and inspirational.
    May all your wishes come true. Best to you both. Ch

  16. Delores Livak

    I would love to see more of these vivid and exceptional colors – so calming –

  17. Lauren Corson

    Peter-Gratitude is the word that I’ve selected as my theme for 2019. Your painting and sentiments embody this in this poetic dance of nature from your talented brushstrokes. Truly stunning!

  18. Shelley Martel

    As a born and raised Vermonter spending a couple of months in Texas, I miss scenes like this that you bring to life. I feel as if I’m right there breathing in the still, cold air while basking in the moonshine that illuminates the landscape. Thanks for sharing your art!

  19. Doris Michel

    Oh, I love glittering snow in the moonlight. The whole scenario changes. But in my town it’s rare. When snow is falling all people are running around like rabbits. Some miles away we have forests and there we can also find peaceful places like the one you chose. It’s romantic. The blue dominates. Another example for your talent for painting snow. I could imagine an exposition called “Winter in Vermont”. The first painting of your gallery I saw was a painting of a lighted wood in the snow. Immediately it was one of my favorites. In Bavaria snow covers villages, mountains, roads, trees and even the railroad. People are not
    able to leave their homes. Schools are closed and stores also. But here we have no snow. Greetings from
    Duisburg and a happy new year! Doris

  20. Peter Huntoon

    Thank you all very much for your wonderful comments! I’m so glad we can connect in a meaningful way each week, through the magical power of art.

  21. brian blaine

    Always enjoy your comments and the little glimpses you give us into life and scenes of your part of the world .


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