A Day in Vermont
May 25, 2020


Squier Farm

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next Auction Monday, June 1.

Oh how I hope there are farms in heaven.

If so (and I make it in) there will always be good food to eat.

And subjects to paint.

Until then, it’s heaven on earth here in Vermont.

The Squier Family Farm is just down the road in Tinmouth.

Happy Memorial Day!

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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24 Responses to “Squier Farm”

  1. Michael Takac

    Boy, that’s a nice picture Peter. Best to you and the Squire family during this ‘unusual’ holiday summer.

  2. Beth Ruberg

    Such fun to see a yellow barn! What a great choice to paint this striking scene. Its just great! Thank you, Peter!

  3. Elizabeth

    It reminds me of the yellow barn across the street from our house years ago, where my sister and I would help take care of the sheep. I can hear the hooves hitting the wooden floors as they ran through the gate and smell of dusty lanolin in the air. Thanks for sharing your painting of the yellow barn.

  4. Cindy

    I wish we had wall space for a piece of your art. That’s not an exaggeration…between the art we’ve purchased and the art we inherited we’re entirely out of wall space. But at least I can enjoy your art via your emails. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wendi F.

    I love the rolling hills around this farm! I pass it Every time I go to Wallingford. I never knew the name of it though. You have taken another beautiful Vermont scene and memorialized it with your incredible talent.
    Thank you Peter!!

  6. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    Dolly Parton said: ” I compare myself to a good barn. You can have a good barn, and if you paint it, it looks a little better. But if you take the paint off, it’s still a good barn.” That barn rocks with its yellow coat and I’m glad you captured it for us. Happy Memorial Day Peter!

  7. cynthia adams

    Echo so many of the comments. I,too, love barns….jumping in the hay and hiding on my sister! : ) Also riding on the old wagon MANY years ago in Vermont, of course…. Thank you for nice moments. Cindy

  8. Kathy Carrara

    You captured that beautifully, Peter!! Such a nostalgic subject that conjures up such fond memories. Sadly, these historic barns are becoming dinosaurs. Thanks for sharing!

    • Cecelia Richardson

      I so agree Kathy-it brings of so many fond memories-Thank You Peter!

  9. Lenor Filler

    I never saw a yellow barn ,, never hoped to see one ll Love this.. always want to walk up the road in your paintings

  10. Tom Johnson

    You really hit a homerun on this one. Great perspective and wonderful choice of colors. You lead the eye in and then give the mind something to think about once it gets there.

  11. conni bonak

    There’s something special about barns – odors, objects found, curiousity – thanks, Peter – enjoy…..

  12. Sandra Molé

    I hope there are barns in heaven, too – especially one like this. Thank you for this lovely image.

  13. Sally Curtis

    Peter, The road looks as if a spring rain just washed through. What a wonderful image.

  14. Cecelia Richardson

    What a great painting of the Squire’s Barn, we use to drive buy this barn when my parents had a place on Gulf Road. You really brought out the essence of this fine old barn. Thanks for bringing back many fond memories!

  15. Erin Atkinson

    Made my heart skip a beat…beautiful. Evocative of so many fond memories of growing up in VT. Thank you.

  16. Mel

    There will be abundant farms and beauty beyond one’s imagination, glory and grandeur to be admired and painted. Don’t forget your easel and brush! Colors you’ve never seen will be provided. 🙂

  17. Sheila McCormack

    Your paintings are wonderful tributes to the heaven that is Vermont. “Squire Farm” appears inviting and projects tranquility even though farming is truly hard work.

  18. Peter Huntoon

    Thank you everyone for all the nice comments, your support is very much appreciated!


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