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January 25, 2021


Suicide Six

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Suicide Six Ski Resort in South Pomfret, birthplace of America’s first rope tow. When she heard I was painting it, my friend and neighbor Nancy Edmunds shared a great story of Vermont history and connection…

“My 96 year old Uncle Harvey Austin tells me that in 1933-34, he and my Uncle Dave helped Clint Gilbert hook up a model A Ford to power the rope tow and a couple of Ford wheels for pulleys. All they had to purchase were some poles and several hundred feet of line. When it opened folks paid $1/day and locals got in free. My 6 Aunts and Uncles paid $1.29 for a pair of skis from Montgomery Ward that they all shared for years. My Uncle Dave got pretty good at downhill and in 1948 he placed 2nd in downhill and combined at the VT State Championships. He held that title for about 10 years before, as he told it, some young buck took over the title. Things have sure changed. It’s kind of cool to be related to a piece of history.”

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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11 Responses to “Suicide Six”

  1. Beth Ann Rossi

    Suicide Six also had the oldest racing club, called the Ski Runners, America’s first ski reports, and the Fisk sisters. Ursula and Margretta Fisk, Vermont’s first female Olympic team members. So much history in those hills and you’ve helped preserve it in paint. Thanks for the Monday morning pick-me-up!

  2. Graeme Miller

    I love the story that goes along with this beautiful painting. Reminds me of so much of this beautiful state.

  3. Nancy Edmunds

    I have been reminded that I have seven Aunts & Uncles. Thanks for sharing. It’s a beautiful piece.

  4. Cynthia Adams

    Striking scene and wonderful art ;we are fortunate to have the historical site and family shared.

  5. Bryant Barchet

    Thank you Peter and Nancy 🙂 I have heard that story so many times. It’s awesome! That slope is so steep. True daredevils that Dave and Harvey. My wife is the daughter of Dave and niece of Harvey and cousin of Nancy Edmunds. We will enjoy the original painting for years to come.

  6. Michael Emerick

    I hate labels. You probably hate labels. .But this rendering is forcing a label from me… abstract realism. So delightful a journey for my eyes as they wander over the colors & shapes on the canvas. Better than Visine in refreshment rendered…❤️


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