A Day in Vermont
August 3, 2020


Summer Apex

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next Auction Monday, Aug 10.

On every hike and in every season, there’s a point where you crest the hill.

Are we there yet?

Difficult as it is to put down the brush and walk away at the apex of a painting, anything more than just enough is too much.

Thanks to David Friedland for the great reference photo! (taken recently atop Mt. Equinox)

Size: 12X16 (auction unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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13 Responses to “Summer Apex”

  1. Karen Good

    Peter – this is lovely! The evergreens sitting right in front of the clouds !
    Beautiful! I look forward to your posts every Monday! They give me
    inspiration !

  2. Beth Ann Rossi

    On every hike I take I like to imagine that I am the first to discover this spot exactly the way it is at that moment of time. No one else has ever seen this amount of clouds, or the exact design of the shadows, or felt the depth of a breeze. It’s a God gift. Today, your lightest blue in the sky was that gift to me wrapped in the peaceful mountainside. Thank you Peter.

  3. Mary Beth

    I sure hope so Peter!!! Love this painting 🙂 Have a great week.

  4. Doris Michel

    Hi Peter, now August has come and the late flowers are blooming. The light changes to a dizzy, slight dusty form and we can imagine the grasshopper’s music. It’s silent around no motor noises but the insects are busy humming around. A deep breath of summer. Clouds are swimming in the wide sky. Your atmospheric painting depicts all these impressions.

  5. Michael Emerick

    A chunk of heaven has fallen onto Vermont…or, perhaps, it is the other way around? Do I see angels hiding/resting in the branches/clouds .. respectively? ❤️

  6. Tayler Carleton

    Wow absolutely beautiful job on this one Peter! I love how you captured the light and the sky is just amazing! This is why I love Vermont…any view can become something beautiful!

  7. Joan Goodell

    I have been watching your sight for years now . At almost 80, You have richly added to my pleasant memories of growing up in VT.

  8. Brian Blaine

    Once again, your artistry has touched a special place in my soul. Thank you.

  9. Ruth Whitney

    I think this is your best painting yet. I touched my soul. Will be ordering a print.

  10. Sheila McCormack

    Wonderful suggestion from David Friedland. Spectacular view and painting! I’m impatient to see the view in person. Until the opportunity presents itself, your painting provides a much appreciated escape.


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